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Climate Crazies Launch Legal Assault Against Plan for New Nuclear Plant

Despite the ongoing energy crisis, climate crazies have launched a legal challenge aimed at preventing the construction of a new nuclear power plant in the UK.

Climate Crazies Launch Legal Assault Against Plan for New Nuclear Plant

Legal proceedings have been launched against the construction of a new nuclear power plant in the United Kingdom by a number of climate crazy activists who do not see the project as being green enough. Together Against Sizewell C (TASC), the group that has launched the legal action with the backing of green agenda-loving NGO Friends of the Earth, is challenging the construction of the Suffolk despite the ongoing energy crisis in the UK. According to a report on the matter by The Guardian, the group is challenging the government plan on the basis that there is not a secure water supply for the plant currently on site, while also arguing that nuclear energy as a whole is inappropriate in the modern age. “Even to consider building a £20bn-plus nuclear power plant without first securing a water supply is a measure of the fixation this government has for nuclear power and its panic in making progress towards an energy policy which is as unachievable as it is inappropriate for the 21st-century challenges we face,” TASC chairman Pete Wilkinson reportedly said. Further climate complaints can be found on the group’s website, including the claims that “nuclear energy is not the answer to dealing with global warming and climate change”, and that the government is making “false and misleading” claims in regards to the proposed plant. Majority of Britons Expect Cost of Living Crisis to Cause Energy Poverty Deaths, Riots — Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) August 2, 2022 As TASC and co. work to prevent the construction of the Sizewell C nuclear power plant, the rising costs of energy in the UK continue to fuel a massive cost of living crisis in the country, with it being feared that many in the country will seriously struggle to pay their energy bills over the winter. With gas shortages plaguing the supply of energy across Europe, Britain’s national grid has been forced to reassure the public that the UK will probably not see rolling blackouts, though officials have admitted that the cost of turning the lights on will likely become extremely expensive. Inflated costs have meant that families across the country have been forced to make serious cuts in their day-to-day spending, with The Guardian reporting that even children’s pocket money on average has seen a collapse, falling to its lowest average level since 2001. To make matters worse, it is likely that inflation will only continue to rise as time goes on, with some expecting that inflation in the country could rise as high as 15 per cent by earlier 2023.

The Bank of England previously predicted inflation to peak at 13 per cent in October, with the central bank also now saying that the UK will fall into a long recession before the end of this year.

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