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Climate engineering is a real and present threat to humanity

Climate engineering is a real and present threat to humanity

For geoengineering expert Dane Wigington, climate engineering is the greatest and most immediate threat against humanity.

He made this remark during an appearance on the Health Ranger Report with Mike Adams. Wigington told Adams: “The greatest and the most immediate threat we face short of nuclear cataclysm is climate engineering. But now we have climate engineering also magnifying that threat … because it’s destroying the protective layers of the atmosphere.”

According to Wigington, climate engineers can cause a strong solar flare-type event with the climate manipulation tools at their disposal. Thus, he emphasised the gravity of the threat geoengineering poses to all of mankind. Wigington said it does not only involve weather warfare but also biological warfare with the toxic elements that are part of the climate engineering programmes.

Adams also touched on the White House’s plan to block the sun, something the Biden administration expressed openness with. He noted that the plan was widely covered by the mainstream media all over the world, with some of them even calling the plan “geoengineering.”

While the plan was merely dismissed as a conspiracy theory before, it is now considered as a good policy to save the planet. But Wigington had a pessimistic view of the plan, dubbing it as “putting lipstick on a pig and hoping the public will accept it.” He added that the US government is desperate, given that many countries are already waking up to the fact that their governments have been participating either actively or passively in these programmes.

You can watch the interview below and read more HERE.

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