Communicating With Your Spirit Guides Through Hypnotherapy

Someone recently posed an open question in our Collective Evolution member forum asking if people had experienced communication with spirits, devas, higher powers etc.

As a hypnotherapist using shamanic techniques for over 17 years at Aloha Healing Women Retreats, for me, this is like asking a magician if they’ve ever seen a trick, except the Shamanic Journey work I do is validated by each person I work with using it. I have specialized in recovery from abuse, eating disorders, emotional problems, grief, and spiritual awakening since 1999 and have conducted thousands of sessions with clients seeking healing and spiritual expansion. My hypnotherapy always includes three beginning steps after relaxing a person into a “trance” state.

The first step is based on manifesting what it is you want to be or have in your life — a projection, if you will, so that you can see the possibility of what it is that you desire. This allows your conscious and unconscious mind to prepare for the projected thought to be given to the universe so that it may return to them, manifested in its appropriate time and manner for the highest good of all concerned. This is a responsible and proactive way of ensuring you receive what it is that you want from the universe that is right for not only you but also everyone else living in it.

The second step is allowing the person to create their own unique sacred space, which can be anything that makes them feel safe and serene. In that special place inside their own mind’s eye, they then are invited to communicate directly with their higher self.

The higher self (or higher consciousness, essential self, soul, or whatever you wish to call it) is the part of you that knows what is best for you. It has always been with you, in your present life and your past lives, and it will be in your future lives. It is the “you” without your body. This higher consciousness is not always accessed on the first attempt, depending on a person’s belief system and how much personal growth work and meditation the person has already done prior to the session. As with any hypnotherapy session, the more you do them, the easier the process becomes. It is very important to begin a hypnotherapy session with a check-in with your higher self. First of all we get permission to do the work we are planning to do. If we are planning to do a session on finding out the source of an issue such as overeating, the first question will be, is it appropriate to do this session today? Why? Because the person may not be ready consciously or unconsciously to do the work. Other work may need to be done before they can begin tackling that particular issue. We also want to ask if the issue we are going to be working on is based in their present life or a past life. This helps us prepare the person so that they aren’t unduly disturbed by being thrust into a potentially traumatic past life or upset with the very notion of a past life. If we don’t get permission to proceed, we ask why and what would be the better avenue to helping this person heal. Once we have our itinerary, so to speak, we ask the higher consciousness if it has a message it wants the person to understand to help them during the work or a message in general about their life’s path. Understand this is not a session dealing solely with the higher consciousness; this is a safety measure to ensure the easy passage of the projected work that is to be done in this particular session. We could of course focus on just communicating with the higher self to seek personal information, but with most of my work, this is just a stepping stone.

The third phase of my hypnotherapy induction involves asking for a beneficial spirit guide for the person’s highest good. This is an amazing experience just in itself and again a whole session can be devoted to communicating with your beneficial spirit guide(s). However, in my therapeutic sessions, we direct the session to a specific healing issue. Communication with your beneficial spirit guide is a very special communion.

The reason we say beneficial spirit guide for your highest good is because if you aren’t very choosy in your words, you may be inviting in a not-so-nice or downright mean spirit entity that intends you harm. Your BSG is your cosmic buddy, your protector, your defender, your soul guide, and your friend. It can take on any form at all. It can be someone you knew or know, an animal, an angel, an avatar, a goddess or god, a form of nature such as wind or water, or even just a ball of light or energy. I think most people enjoy the experience that “someone” or “something” is with them, that they are not and have never really been alone. It makes them feel special and truly cared for. You may have the same BSG every time you do a communication, or they may be different ones in each session. All have valuable information about how you can proceed down a more positive path in your life. After a session in review, I get to witness the delight of the person when recounting their beneficial spirit guide communication.

Their eyes light up when they describe them again and tell me how they feel less lonely in their life. Another session I do for people entails having them travel beyond their present life to what I call the ‘interim in between lives’ so that they can experience their soul.

There they meet their spiritual entourage — the entities that have guided them along their soul’s journey.

These beings are usually of a “higher” calibre than your BSGs, which are normally of a more earthly realm. I call this session “Experiencing life after death- a soul journey,” which is also the name of my book about it. In this metaphysical space you can also access your “higher power,” whatever that may be, so you can ask any questions about yourself or the universe. This is my favorite shamanic journey that I do and even though I NEVER tell the person what to expect in the interim time between lives, they always report pretty much the same experience of what it is really like after death. Hypnotherapy is the best way to seek any type of communion, whether it is with beneficial spirit guides or communicating with another person’s soul. I wrote the book Talking to the living and the dead- soul to soul communications based on my therapeutic soul to soul communications and grief work. Some may suggest using mind expanding drugs such as ayahuasca, mushrooms, peyote, DMT, etc. to access spirit communication. I have personally had to work with quite a few cases where people have been improperly guided and then overdosed and damaged from those explorations. Others have reported remarkable journeys and swear by their spiritual expansion via the use of mind-altering herbs. I just have to say, why take a chance with your mind? It can be a very delicate thing. With hypnotherapy, there are no mind-altering drugs, no vomiting, no side effects, and no hangover, and you are in and out and feeling fine in less than ninety minutes. If you are interested in learning more about the shamanic uses of guided visualization for mind expansion, spirit communications, higher self-knowledge, etc., please check our KaLaNa Hypnotherapy Shamanic Journey Immersion program July 20-24 at Jade’s Lava Temple in Kalapana, Hawaii. Go to our facebook page at for more information about our dynamic introduction to Shamanic Hypnotherapy being held near Madam Pele’s (volcano goddess) home. She is fire dancing like crazy right now! If you want to commune with your higher self or meet your personal beneficial spirit guide for your highest good but can’t make it out, I also do personal Skype phone sessions. Aloha and safe shamanic journeys to you. .

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