Confused About Your Life’s Purpose? Start With This
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Confused About Your Life’s Purpose? Start With This

Life purpose; this idea has become a very popular one in the last few decades.
Confused About Your Life’s Purpose? Start With This

This is greatly due to the fact that for many of us, we have the freedom to pursue a career or life path that is one we love and desire to participate in, rather than one we choose based on the need for financial security. With this new freedom of choice we are seeing that many feel like they are drowning in options, and are feeling the pressure to do something meaningful with their lives – to choose a path that aligns with their souls highest purpose. This is a beautiful idea, but it can also be paralyzing if you feel like you have no idea what your ‘purpose’ or ‘calling’ is. If you are struggling to find your calling, or if you are wanting to add some heft to your search for meaning, here are five places to start that may get you going in the right direction. This may seem really counter intuitive, but resting is actually one of the very greatest things you can do for yourself when you are seeking to find your purpose. When you are resting, you are letting go of resistance.

The truth is, your path and your purpose are natural states for you to fulfill. Being on purpose is an easy, harmonious state for you to be in. Resting can help you to practice the vibration of allowing, of flow and surrender to the natural state of things. You may find as you rest and relax, you get ideas and inspirations for actions to take, people to talk to, things to create. This is flow at its best! Rest when you can, and see what takes place. Your vessel is important to your life’s purpose. Even if you do not believe that you specifically ‘chose’ a body that would serve your highest good, if you are sick, weak or not taking care of yourself, you wont be as effective at carrying out whatever it is you are here to do as you would be if you were well. Taking time to really set the foundation for self care when you are not yet fully living your life path means that when you do finally step onto your truth, you will have the sturdy base of self care built. This means you will be able to sustain and maintain your effectiveness for much longer. Also, loving, nourishing and taking care of yourself again opens you up to flow, which may help lead you and guide you towards your right life. If you are feeling lost, the last thing you should be doing is spending a bunch of time with other people who are feeling lost. Of course it is nice to speak with and connect with people who are having a similar experience to you, but if you hang out in that kind of environment exclusively, or if the majority of your time is spent with other people who are equally confused, you may end up getting stuck in that place for longer than you need too. Find people in your area who are really excited to be doing what they are doing. Look for people with passion and start to make them your social circle. Trust me when I say that that kind of energy is very powerful and very contagious! They say that you become most like the 5 people you spend the most time with – are your closest 5 acquaintances people you would swap lives with? Are they inspired and on their path? If not, you may want to make room for some new friends to enter your sphere. This is one of my more esoteric tips, but it is a really good one and I highly suggest you practice it. For this tip, all you have to do is practice feeling the feeling of excitement. Sounds like a pretty fun assignment doesn’t it? The reason this is a legitimate practice when trying to align yourself with your life purpose is because when you are living your life purpose, you will be experiencing the feelings of joy, passion, excitement and bliss on a regular basis. That is your internal guidance system letting you know that you are on track. Those feelings are so pleasant because they are there to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing! The more time you spend ‘practicing’ this feeling the closer and closer you are going to move towards stepping fully onto your perfect path. This means if the next most exciting thing you can think of is to go make a sandwich – go make a sandwich! If it is go to a dance class, go to a dance class, if it is Facebook message someone, do that. You never know where your path is guiding you. This is essentially what ‘following your bliss’ looks like in real life terms. You do not have to turn your whole world upside down or quit your job or leave your partner. Just connect with your heart, and figure out what feels like the next most exciting thing you can do and then do that thing. That’s it! This point mirrors the last – spend more time having a good time. Spend more time doing those thing you love doing – even if they don’t seem ‘productive’ or ‘purposeful.’ The truth is the more time you spend in this fun, playful energy the more open to opportunities you are going to be, the more in alignment with your truth you are going to be, and the more you are going to be able to recognize when something is in alignment with you and when it isn’t. Start tuning your awareness to fun and watch how amazing your life becomes! Have you ever practiced any of the above mentioned steps mindfully? If so, what unfolded in your experience? I would love to hear your stories! .

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