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Connecticut Becomes The Very First State To Sign GMO Labelling Into Law

Connecticut Becomes The Very First State To Sign GMO Labelling Into Law

The Governor of Connecticut hosted a ceremonial signing outside of an organic restaurant in the city of Fairfield last week to announce the state’s passing of the first GMO labeling law in the United States. Back in June of 2013, voters decided to approve a bill requiring that all foods meant for human consumption containing genetically modified ingredients be properly labeled.

The bill has been passed, but unfortunately there is a catch.

The Connecticut bill requires at least four other Northeastern states with a combined population of no fewer than 20 million to approve similar acts before it can be completely official. As a result of this rule, it could be a very long time before the necessary support is found. Voters in Maine have also elected to pass a similar measure, but the same restrictions apply. I am proud that leaders from each of the legislative caucuses can come together to make our state the first in the nation to require the labeling of GMOs.

The end result is a law that shows our commitment to consumers right to know while catalyzing other states to take similar action. – Gov. Daniel Malloy The past few years have seen a tremendous uprising with regards to GMOs and GMO labeling. GMOs and the pesticides sprayed on them have been completely banned in most countries around the world, and for good reason. More people are doing their research and arriving to the obvious conclusion that GMOs can pose a significant health risk to humans and cause harm to the environment. Multiple studies from all over the world confirm this as fact, and as a result more public figures have come forward to voice their opinion. One of them being popular geneticist David Suzuki, who said that human beings are “part of a massive experiment.” Another one is former scientist Dr. Thierry Vrain, who had a long career at Agriculture Canada. For more information regarding GMOs, or if you want to look at some studies please browse through our website or use the search bar. We’ve provided a lot of information regarding GMOs, studies completed and more. Although banning GMOs and labeling GMOs has been successful all around the globe, North America seems to be falling behind. No doubt the awareness is there, as we recently saw with the global march against Monsanto, which saw millions of people gather across the globe to oppose biotech corporations like Monsanto and GMOs. As a result of such activism, the Monsanto protection act no longer exists. As we continue to create awareness, the necessary action will be taken to completely rid our planet of GMOs. America still has a long way to go, but it’s on its way, multiple states have moved on efforts to require labeling of GMOs. Just a reminder, more than 60 countries across the world have approved mandatory labeling laws for GMO foods already, and many have banned GMO products completely. Approximately 15 nations in the European Union require labels on GMO products. Zambia, Benin and Serbia have all instated prohibitions against products. Earlier this week, for the fifth time China blocked a cargo shipment of US corn from entering into the country because of concerns regarding GMOs. Regardless of what you think about GMOs, we all have a right to know what we are eating. It’s really great to see the world continually progressing towards labeling GMOs; it’s clear that a large majority of people do not have any interest in consuming GMOs and the pesticides that go along with them. Sources: .

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