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Conservative AI Chatbot 'GIPPR' Shut Down by ChatGPT-Maker OpenAI

GIPPR AI, an implementation of the ChatGPT AI chatbot designed to curtail the original version’s widely documented leftist bias, has been shut down by ChatGPT creator OpenAI.

Conservative AI Chatbot 'GIPPR' Shut Down by ChatGPT-Maker OpenAI

A project of TUSK, the conservative-created web browser and search engine designed as an alternative to censorship-prone options like Google and DuckDuckGo, was called GIPPR AI — a nod to Republican President Ronald Reagan’s nickname “The Gipper.” In an announcement on its website, the conservative tech company revealed that they could no longer use ChatGPT to power their chatbot. According to Tusk, OpenAI used the classic Big Tech pretext of “safety” to suspend the service. via Tusk Search: We regret to inform our users that our chatbot provider, ChatGPT by OpenAI, is curtailing our free speech and forcing us to conform to their requirements for what can or cannot be said.

They claim our GIPPR AI is not in compliance with their policies, “specifically related to deceptive activity and coordinated inauthentic behavior.” Nothing could be further from the truth! In an attempt to “keep users and third parties safe,” it has become apparent they are trying to silence the Truthful chatbot’s Conservative voice. We fully stand behind our Conservative values and priorities and we won’t compromise, so we had no choice but to discontinue our relationship with them. We truly appreciate your support and patience as we are now working on a solution to bring GIPPR AI back to life soon. According to the team at Tusk, the only major difference between GIPPR and ChatGPT was that GIPPR had been modified to not be highly biased in favor of a leftist agenda. This seems to have been enough for OpenAI to suspend services to the company. Allum Bokhari is the senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News. He is the author of #DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal The Election. .

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