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Corey Feldman Just Named The Hollywood Men Who Allegedly Raped Him & Corey Haim

Corey Feldman names 6 people who abused him and/or Corey Haim in his new documentary tell-all.Included in the names was Charlie Sheen.

Corey Feldman Just Named The Hollywood Men Who Allegedly Raped Him & Corey Haim

. Are we still seeing the beginning stages of how rampant pedophilia and sexual abuse is in Hollywood? Is his coming to light as part of a greater awakening to truths? The release of Corey Feldman’s highly anticipated new film My Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys has come with some powerful allegations. As our team prepared to watch this documentary during its world premiere, we awaited the story which was to include the names of the 6 people he was going to accuse of having abused him and Corey Haim when they were boys. One thing Corey wanted to achieve in creating this film and naming names was to build a greater awareness that kids are also abused sexually in Hollywood. Along with that, he hoped to see indictments, investigations, and even arrests take place. He has been telling his story for a long time, and many have not believed him over the years typically because anytime he brought forth accusations, they were denied and the cases dropped. Corey alleges that law enforcement didn’t even follow up on the names and people he reported to the police in the past. Does this suggest a coverup? Are the people he accused too powerful to be investigated? The biggest name, and one Corey was likely nervous about, was Charlie Sheen. He alleged that Charlie Sheen had raped Corey Haim on the set of the film Lucas. In the documentary, Corey recalls the story Corey Haim told him about the incident: “This wasn’t like a one time thing he said in passing. It wasn’t like ‘Oh, by the way, this happened.’ He went into great detail,” a crying Feldman said in the documentary about Haim, who died from pneumonia in 2010. “He told me, ‘Charlie bent me over in between two trailers and put Crisco oil on my butt and raped me in broad daylight. Anybody could have walked by, anybody could have seen it.'” Haim was 13 and Sheen was 19 when they worked together on Lucas. He also named Jon Grissom, his former assistant who had small roles in License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream, along with the owner of an 80’s nightclub for underage child actors – Alphy Hoffman. He also named former talent manager Marty Weiss. He named Alphy Hoffman’s late casting director father Bobby Hoffman, then alleged Dominick Brascia, a former actor who died in 2018, had sexually abused Corey Haim. Grissom and Weiss have both denied the allegations in the past, while Hoffman has not publicly addressed the claims. In 2017, Dominick Brascia, one of the alleged abusers Feldman named in his film, claimed Haim disclosed the same incident involving Charlie Sheen. Brascia said Haim told him before he died that Sheen, who was 19 at the time, had sodomized him when he was 13. “Haim told me he had sex with Sheen when they filmed Lucas,” Brascia told the Enquirer. “He told me they smoked pot and had sex. He said they had anal sex. Haim said after it happened Sheen became very cold and rejected him. When Corey wanted to fool around again, Charlie was not interested.” The next day, Charlie Sheen released a statement through his representatives to the Hollywood Reporter stating: “Charlie Sheen categorically denies these allegations.” You’ll notice Feldman’s claims of what happened between Haim and Sheen are very different from Brascia’s, perhaps more will become clear as time goes on. So far no statements have been made since the film aired. More developments are expected on this today.

The film was set to air online and in a theatre in LA last night. But once air time rolled up, Feldman’s website went down and all online viewers could not see the film.

The film went ahead in a theatre in LA where Feldman was in attendance. On his website there was an initial announcement that hackers had tried to take down the site. This message was later replaced with an apology for technical issues and that the film would still get out to all those who paid but did not get to see it. Stay tuned to Collective Evolution to geet the latest updates on what happens with this story as it unfolds. Whenever momentum is built around speaking up, more people usually come forward. This is of course how the #MeToo movement was built. Anneke Lucas is an author, speaker, advocate for child sex trafficking victims, founder of the non-profit organization Liberation Prison Yoga, and creator of the Unconditional Model. Her work is based off her 30-year journey to restore her mental and physical wellbeing after surviving some of the worst atrocities known to humankind before the age of 12. Sold as a young child into a murderous pedophile network by her family, she was rescued after nearly six years of abuse and torture. We recently conducted an interview with her. Below is a clip from the four-part series, as it was a very long and detailed interview. You can access the full interview HERE on CETV, a platform we created to help combat the censorship we are experiencing and allow us to continue to do our work and get the word out about various issues and topics. This is the most comprehensive investigation into both sides of the vaccine debate. Researchers, medical professionals and scientists, come together to bring you the information you need to know in order to make educated decisions about vaccines.

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