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Coven Affairs: A Fantastic February

Our in-person classes for the rest of February is a weekly series running every Saturday and Sunday 1-4 pm: Month of Love Weekend Tarot Readings.

Coven Affairs: A Fantastic February

Tarot is a symbolic language that teaches & guides us through the sacred journey of the soul. Come sip an Elixir in our café and receive guidance from our rotation of trusted intuitive healers to navigate the past, present, and future. So far, we’ve been joined by Tarot readers Kristall Richardson and Gina Jean, both incredible intuitive counselors. We hope to see you for reading on February 19th, 20th, 26th, or 27th! The incredible Abhaijot, joining us virtually from Hawaii, started off in February and opened our Month of Love celebration with an Aquarius New Moon Meditation on February 1st. Abhaijot Kaur is a healer, yogini, and humanitarian who has been practicing yoga since they were 15. Her classes combine meditation, breathwork, journaling, and intention setting to uplift her students in alignment with the lunar cycles. She teaches on a consistent basis with The Alchemist’s Kitchen and has a string of Kundalini classes coming up at the end of February and March. Stay tuned for her 7 days Spring Equinox cleanse beginning March 15th. On February 2nd, Ivy of Sylva Sylvarum began her two-week series, Intro to Sex Magick, a general overview of ancient techniques for sexual wellness and prosperity. Ivy gives beautiful presentations, deep-diving into the history of sexuality and magick and sharing spellwork, mantras, and tarot for sex. Ivy will be relaunching her fan-favorite series, Occult Things, with us soon and we look forward to sharing her incredible work with our community again. February 7th, George Lewis concluded his 6 week-long intensive, Astrology & Archetypes Master Class, with a Virtual Sound Healing live from his healing center in the Catskills. Sound healing has a history of reducing anxiety, lowering blood pressure, increasing blood flow, and improving circulation. It also restores the body’s normal vibratory frequencies as vibrations from the singing bowls reverberate through every part of the body. George played the piano and his sound bowls so we could feel their vibrations through our computers and led us through a meditation to connect with the music. We hope to have him back for an in-person sound healing at our Elixir Bar soon. We were so excited to host our first of hopefully many Alchemist’s Kitchen classes with Veronica Kaulinis, Vulnerable AF: The Conscious Sex Conversation That Will Evoke Deep Intimacy & Liberate Love. This was a free opportunity to deepen your relationship to vulnerability. Vanessa began her movement, Vulnerable AF, as an invitation to create deeper conversations with others and connections that allow you to go below the surface, explore your own depth, and expand the edge of your comfort zone in a safe space. A highlight of the course was a student sharing that her boyfriend had signed them up for the class together as an early Valentine’s day gift. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the Season of Love than to share the gift of vulnerability with a loved one. You can watch her full introduction on our Youtube. Our class on Sunday morning the 13th, on the eve of Valentine’s Day, welcomed in the energy of the Rose through music, movement, and meditation with Rose Consciousness: Love Embodied – A 2 Part Ancestral Egyptian Plant Medicine Practice. This 2-part plant medicine meditation series is guided by Reem Abdou, aka DRĖĖĖMY, a transnational genre-bending world-fusion sonic alchemist, conscious movement & meditation guide, and social justice artivist. Join us virtually for part two, this Sunday the 20th, for a guided meditation and ecstatic dance. Limited Means tickets are available as a ticket option. Your Weekly Dose Of Wellness Receive the latest savings, events, herbal education and 10% Off your first purchase. The Alchemist's Kitchen is dedicated to connecting you with the power of plants. We believe strongly in the education and instruction on the use of all whole plant formulations and herbal remedies..

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