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Covid and Vaccine Detox Protocol

Almost every supplement being recommended for detoxification from the COVID shots is designed to boost your body's own detox and immunity “naturally.”

Covid and Vaccine Detox Protocol

​There’s nothing wrong with this and we absolutely SHOULD be doing it. It will certainly be helpful, and is better than doing nothing, but works only in a limited capacity. Unfortunately, the majority of protocols are not as effective as they could be.

Nothing suggested by others can bind to and remove man-made materials like the product that I discuss below.  The usual suspects may help in preventing or reducing COVID symptoms and may help to strengthen the body for faster recovery, but they do not have the capability of removing the contents of a shot that was designed to by-pass most or all of our “natural” defenses. The creators of these "vaccines" were not stupid; they took all this into account when designing these man-made, synthetic, chimeric (gain-of-function) super-substances/bugs and super-bug biochemical weapons which ordinary means of detox will not and cannot handle. Something more is needed...​

Super-Toxification NEEDS Super-DEtoxification

This where a super-detox agent, such as EDTA MUST be used and has been with such great success for over 50 years to eliminate heavy metals and arterial calcification. EDTA was created to handle much more than normal heavy metal toxicity. Its detoxification properties and abilities are incredible yet, it is as mild as vinegar, is safe, gentle and amazingly effective when used correctly. Remember, a super weapon needs to be handled with a super counter-measure. No other protocol program that I know of is using EDTA in a transdermal cream for post-vaccine removal of heavy metals, toxins, graphene oxide and more that have absolutely been discovered in every vaccine vial and have possibly been included in other medicinals dating back years, such as: flu shots, tetanus injections, even saline drips according to some scientists. Herbs, teas, vitamins, and minerals simply cannot handle this type of massive assault on the body.

Dr. Roth's Protocol

This is a thoroughly researched, tested and effective detoxification regimen, not just for post-vaccine treatment, but also for overall immune strengthening and toxin/heavy metal removal.

My personal recommendations do not include any prescription medications simply because ALL of them have side-effects to varying degrees and the majority of natural cleansing and health products recommended in this protocol, for the most part, makes the use of such drugs unnecessary without fostering unwanted and possibly dangerous side-effects.. They also do not include controversial or illegal substances. EDTA is an FDA approved, detoxification method.​

M.D. Recommendations

Please be aware that many doctors are recommending supplemental products without any thought given to the purity of the substances they contain. Many are synthetic and contain excipients, fillers, binders and artificial preservatives. So, it’s important that supplement (and even diet/food) advice be given by an experienced and trained nutritional expert AND includes quality sourcing recommendations. Therefore, I have included the sourcing companies that I believe manufacture some of the best and purest supplements.

COVID Prevention/Mitigation/Detox Protocol (organic as much as possible) CORE recommendations. Not all are necessary. Supplements in Color are what I consider the most important. Underlining contain hyperlinks to easily order directly from the website.

EDTA Detox Cream (see below)

Vitamin D3: 1000 IU/day for every 33 pounds.

NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine): increases the natural, master anti-oxidant in the body, glutathione. 600mg/day. Can start with this or use it after initially starting with liposomal glutathione.

Zinc: 3-40mg/day. Fermented zinc bisglycinate is superb (NutriGold). Also make certain you are supplementing with copper ~1g/day.

Vitamin C: 1000-5000 mg/day. A superior anti-oxidant. Can cause stomach distress if too much is taken initially. Start slowly and ramp up. Most capsules and tablets are poorly absorbed. It’s better to use oral or liposomal vitamin C sprays with natural co-factors (Garden of Life, Mykind Organics liquid).

MelatoninND: 5-10mg/day (Premiere Research).

Nattokinase (Natto-K from fermented soy): An excellent blood thinner to prevent blood clotting that does NOT contain vitamin K2 (Nattokinase Pro w/digestive enzymes – Enzyme Science).

Chlorella (cracked cell): 2 caps 2-3x/day (Premiere Research).

Liposomal glutathione: This is the most active and bioavailable. Use initially, then switch to NAC only (QuickSilver Scientific). Usually 1-2 months.

Joy of the Mountains Oregano Oil with 75-85% Carvacrol (naturally occurring): 3-5 drops, 3x/day – put in 4-6 oz of water or juice.

Colloidal silver: 1 ounce 3-5x/day (natural antibiotic), (MesoSilver from Purest Colloids).

Comprehensive organic vitamin/mineral supplement: intraMAX (Drucker Labs) with fulvic/humic complexes.  This is helpful in numerous ways but to also replenish lost minerals from chelation). This product can only be purchased from Drucker Labs through a health care provider such as myself.

If only one item on this list is done for detox, this is it: Calcium Disodium EDTA Transdermal Cream: 1 tsp. 1x/day 6 days/week until maintenance reached; approximately after 3-6 months.

EDTA is a safe and effective binding and chelating agent for heavy metals and can be useful for degrading or eliminating graphene oxide which has been found in the C19 injection formulations.

​Additional Health Aids​

RIFE Frequency Generator Recommended: Spooky2.  This company is the best I've found for updating COVID and Spike Protein disruptive frequencies.

Intermittent fasting: When the body is in a fasting state, energy is directed towards cleansing and healing rather than digestion. Typically it involves eating during an 8 hour window and fasting for 16 hours each day or several times per week. There are acceptable variations of this.

Sweating: Exercise or sauna may be of benefit, as toxic metals are excreted via  sweat (TheraSauna).

Breathing: We are a nation of shallow breathers, therefore we need to exercise our lungs by breathing as deep as we can, holding for 5-10 seconds and exhaling all the way 5-10x at least 1-3x/day.

We are also in the process of collecting very important post vaccine/transmission symptom data over a three month period. If you choose to participate, ask one of our distributors about the 25% discount for participating. If you order through use the discount code: drmike when ordering 3 of the pumps or jars.

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