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Covid Related News: The information and biological war continues

Covid Related News: The information and biological war continues

There are those who blindly follow orders and those who dare to think critically.  In the covid era, the amount of misleading and downright false information emitted by “official” sources is remarkable and the war on freedom of speech is real.  Consequentially, the biological attack on our bodies continues without respite.  We are not only being threatened with disease and death but the transformation of our natural selves into transhumans.

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The Information War

The symbol of modern medicine: Over the last three years, physicians have fallen into two diametrically-opposed groups: those who blindly followed orders – replicating behaviours imposed on them without questioning anything – and those who dared to think critically and act accordingly. The first group can be subdivided into three more groups: the ignorant, the cowardly, and the corrupt. These three groups, by action or omission, were merchants of death.  By action or omission, they were thieves who robbed fellow humans of quality of life and even of life itself.  Read more HERE.

What it’s like to live in an Informational No Man’s Land: One of the remarkable features of these covid years is the amount of misleading and downright false information emitted by “official” sources, most notably public health authorities, government-appointed regulators, and mainstream media. I prefer to live uncomfortably in the truth than comfortably in a fantasy built for me by someone who does not have my best interests at heart.  The old idea that you could depend on your government to inform you of the latest science or tell you the threat level of a disease is now dead in the water.  Put simply, we now live in an informational No Man’s Land, in which every man must fend for himself, to the best of his ability, without the backing of an impressive Official Source to do his thinking for him. Read more HERE.

The war on free speech: Michael Shellenberger and Matt Taibbi found correspondence in Twitter about something called the Virality Project, which was a cross-platform, information-sharing program led by Stanford University through which companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook shared information about Covid-19. They compared notes on how to censor or de-amplify certain content. When Shellenberger and Taibbi read the communications to and from Stanford, they found shocking passages.  Read more HERE.

The UN’s Digital First Responders or The UN’s Virtual Brownshirts: The United Nations’ website leaves no doubt about it: the UN recruited more than 100,000 “digital first responders” worldwide during the corona crisis. Melissa Fleming, head of global communications for the United Nations, also described its function in a podcast: to detect and neutralize “misinformation” and “fake news” on social media as quickly as possible by countering it with “accurate, reliable information”.  Read more HERE.

New emails show covid “vaccine” mandates were based on a lie: Last week, new documents indicated the entire justification for vaccine mandates was based on a falsehood – and that US public health officials knew it. Emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request show that CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and former NIH Director Francis Collins were aware of, and discussed, “breakthrough cases” of COVID in January 2021 – right when the vaccines became widely available. However, in public, Walensky was saying something quite different.  Read more HERE.

The spreaders of covid lies on behalf of corporate interests are worried about Meta relaxing its censorship rules:  “Public health experts fear that Meta’s decision to roll back some of its covid-19 misinformation measures will lead to more disinformation about the virus, treatments for it and vaccines,” ABC News reported. “Infectious disease specialists told ABC News they are worried this misinformation and disinformation could reach vulnerable groups such as teenagers.”  ABC News is owned by the multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate The Walt Disney Company.  The top four shareholders of The Walt Disney Company are Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street and Morgan Stanley.

SARS-CoV-2 was neither entirely novel nor particularly deadly: The term “novel virus” was used by many outlets  – including universities, journals, the media, and government officials – to mean something quite different from “recently discovered.” There is growing evidence that SARS-CoV-2 was around long before it suddenly acquired international attention. Also, it was known from early on in the Covid-era that a significant percentage of people were immune to this supposedly novel virus.  Read more HERE.

Where did the cancer cases go? Looking at cancer research websites one can’t help but notice the avoidance of 2020 data and the total absence of 2021 and 2022.  Despite their attempts to obfuscate, we can still extract some comparisons between the datasets proving that something happened, starting in 2021.  What they are trying to hide? The Daily Beagle takes an educated guess – “a massive signal of a sudden 2022 cancer jump in the young, it is evident the shots have caused this sudden jump.”  Read more HERE.

The Biological War

Synthetic biology and transhumanism: In 2020, the formerly secretive multi-trillion-dollar nanotechnology and synthetic biology industry exploded around the globe with the introduction of covid-19 injections. The covid-19 injections are engineered modRNA nanoparticle injections that are classified as electromagnetic devices. The Pfizer Department of Defence contract and FDA guidance clearly define mRNA nanoparticles as electromagnetic devices. The Childhood Vaccine Protection doesn’t protect Pfizer from injecting children with electromagnetic nanoparticles and pretending Pfizer has liability protection shielded by the US military is a completely fabricated story.  Read more HERE.

If you are unable to view the video above on Rumble, you can watch it on Bitchute HERE.

Turbo cancers: “Turbo cancer” is a non-medical term that has arisen to describe very aggressive and rapidly progressive cancers following Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccination and suppression of the immune system. Dr. William Makis has so far written 15 Substack articles about turbo cancers. Read more HERE or HERE.

Prescriptions for HRT drug skyrockets: A new search of the general practitioner (“GP”) prescribing database confirms a massive safety signal for fertility risk following the covid vaccine rollout.  The drug which skyrocketed in prescriptions after early 2021 was Estradiol, a hormone replacement therapy. Why would this drug suddenly be prescribed in rapidly increasing quantities, having been at a steady level for years following its fall from grace? What it definitely can’t be is anything to do with the global injection of an irritant lipid nanoparticle that was known to accumulate in the ovaries, containing RNA encoding for a foreign protein. No.  Absolutely not.  Because if the world was injected with such an irritant or toxic product that went to the ovaries and potentially caused premature ovarian failure as a result, the regulators such as the UK’s MHRA, the Australian TGA and the US FDA would have told us.  Wouldn’t they?  Read more HERE.

1200 studies that refute vaccine claims: Alan Palmer, D.C., C.C.S.T, covers the history of immunisations, misconceptions, and ingredients and explains declining mortality and herd immunity.

A debate about the safety of covid “vaccines” for children:  Steve Kirsch is having a written debate with Johnathan Howard, a medical doctor.  Are the vaccines necessary, safe and effective as Howard claims?  Kirsch takes the debate seriously while Howard, as a self-defence tactic, does not.  Read more HERE.

Australia removes Moderna vaccine for children under 5: Health authorities in Australia have quietly removed Moderna’s paediatric covid-19 vaccine for children five years and under, with both options offered by the company now no longer available in the country.  Read more HERE.

Vitamin D and reduction of Cell Adhesion Molecules: Walter Chestnut’s research shows there is mounting evidence demonstrating that, ultimately, covid-19 and its spike protein are inducing a disease of Cell Adhesion Dysregulation. After researching natural ways to reduce levels of Cell Adhesion Molecules he discovered that Vitamin D does exactly this.  Read more HERE.

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