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Cruise Ship 5 Times Larger Than Titanic Deemed a 'Monstrosity'

The world’s largest cruise ship five times larger than the Titanic has been deemed a “monstrosity” for its gargantuan size.

Cruise Ship 5 Times Larger Than Titanic Deemed a 'Monstrosity'

Known as the Icon of the Seas under Royal Caribbean International, the cruise will make its maiden voyage in January and has some people scratching their heads over the many amenities it offers, including 20 decks, 7 pools, and 6 waterslides — the largest waterpark at sea. “As for technical specifics, the boat is equipped with 17 lifeboats with the capacity for up to 450 people — meaning it has room for 7,650 people, despite its capacity for 7,960,” reported the New York Post. “Specifically, it holds up to some 5,610 passengers and 2,350 crew across 19 floors — the height alone comparable to a New York City building.” While the ship does not have enough lifeboats, Cruise Mummy notes that remaining crewmembers would be using inflatable life rafts. “Cruise lines don’t have to provide enough lifeboats for all passengers according to law. As long as there is enough capacity for 37.5% of passengers alongside each side of the ship in lifeboats (so 75% total), then the rest can be carried in life rafts,” it noted. “We are positioning it as the ultimate family vacation and when you step back and look at all the energy and time that has gone into creating this ship it is mind-blowing,” Royal Caribbean International president and chief executive Michael Bayley said in a statement.

The cheapest ticket goes for $1,851, which would include an interior room and a seven-night cruise from Miami to the Caribbean in September 2024. In March of that same year, the most expensive ticket will be going for $10,864, which gets an oceanfront suite. People online began trashing the cruise as a “monstrosity” that will surely cause problems.

The "Icon Of The Seas" sets sail in January 2024. 5610 passengers, 2350 crew members, 5 times larger and heavier than the Titanic, 19 floors with more than 40 bars, restaurants and bowling alleys. What a monstrosity! — Ray Monk (@Raymodraco) July 9, 2023 This monstrosity "Icon Of The Seas" holds almost 8000 people (5610 passengers, 2350 crew members), and is 5 times the size of the Titanic. It sails Jan 2024... pretty sure it will “make waves” when it does. — Eric Feigl-Ding (@DrEricDing) July 11, 2023 ....and how many LIFEBOATS????? — Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu (@SholaMos1) July 10, 2023 As visions of hell go, that's pretty much the most hellish. — robkb2 🌿🌱🇺🌻 (@robkb2) July 9, 2023 The company said in a statement that the ship completed its test runs on June 22 and will schedule another later in 2023. “During her first set of sea trials, Icon of the Seas traveled hundreds of miles, during which the main engines, hull, brake systems, steering, noise, and vibration levels were all tested,” the statement said. “Everything was done on time as outlined in the schedule, despite her departure being delayed due to wind conditions.” Despite the online criticism, the company says that passengers have eagerly lined up to buy a ticket, with Michael Bayley saying the company’s quarterly financial results offered “literally the best-performing new product launch we’ve ever had.” Paul Roland Bois joined Breitbart News in 2021. He also directed the award-winning feature film, EXEMPLUM, which can be viewed for FREE on YouTube or Tubi. A high-quality, ad-free stream can also be purchased on Google Play or Vimeo on Demand. Follow him on Twitter @prolandfilms or Instagram @prolandfilms.

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