Dear Fans & Subscribers – We Are Doing Our Best & Trying Not To ‘Shut Down’ Collective Evolution
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Dear Fans & Subscribers – We Are Doing Our Best & Trying Not To ‘Shut Down’ Collective Evolution

Collective Evolution is struggling financially.We are doing the best we can with the very limited resources we have.
Dear Fans & Subscribers – We Are Doing Our Best & Trying Not To ‘Shut Down’ Collective Evolution

The impact alternative media had was so grand that it triggered a response and massive action from some powerful people. How are using the information you've come across within the past 10 years to change your life? Trying to sustain an alternative media outlet isn’t easy. When I met Joe Martino, founder of Collective Evolution in 2010, it was really exciting. I really wanted to be a part of Collective Evolution, and my wish was granted. Since then it’s been a blast. At first, there was no concept of money. We were working other jobs and had other sources of income in the beginning, but working at CE became a full time, all day endeavour. Eventually, Joe made the necessary decision to monetize the site, although we didn’t want to do that, it was a decision that needed to made in order for us to continue doing the work that we were doing, and are still doing today. We grew really fast, we covered a lot of topics that were once deemed a ‘conspiracy theory’ and we did so with extreme credibility. Our goal was to inspire people, to wake people up, let people know about the real power of human consciousness, let people know that there are solutions to the world’s problems, and that the solution, ultimately, is us. It’s hard to explain what CE is and what exactly we do, given the fact that we cover a wider range of topics, from personal development, to quantum physics, to health all the way to UFOs and much more. At the end of the day our goal is to help expand consciousness, improve people’s lives and contribute to creating a better world. Information alone is necessary and has played a huge role in helping to change the perception people have about the planet, in various areas, and to help them realize that the human race is full of infinite potential, and that we really do have the solutions and the ability to create a human experience that is in harmony with the planet and all life upon it.

The solutions aren’t the problem, those exist, it’s greed, ego, fear, perception manipulation and a lack of people following their hearts, rather than following the ‘system.’ I could go on and on, but I won’t.

The point is, we must ask ourselves, if the solutions are out there, then what’s the real problem? The real point I am trying to make is that we grew so much that we, and others, ended up on the radar of some very powerful people.

These are the same people who are now demonetizing organizations like ours, they targeted our Facebook page, now our posts don’t reach all of our followers. Our traffic to the site dropped 90 percent once Facebook announced their attack on ‘fake news.’ Our Youtube account was demonetized and we could no longer afford to keep all of our team on board. It’s unfair to say the least, but it is what it is, and we are trying to adjust accordingly. We are now working with a very small team, trying to figure out our next move as we are struggling to stay afloat. CE will never go anywhere, rest assured, the platform will always be here and it will always be a place to, at the very least, share important information. But our journey to keep growing, was halted, and the ‘fact’ checkers, who are funded by big interests, attacked the business where they knew it would hurt us the most. So, I just wanted to write this little note to let our followers know that we are doing all we can. It’s not easy at all, and it’s a job that requires constant work on a daily basis. But we are fuelled by passion, we always have been. This note was inspired by complaints that we do not produce enough content, and that sometimes we ‘re-post’ old content. Unfortunately, it’s something we have to do. We are very short staffed, a team of a few, and there is a lot to do. All of us are doing the jobs of multiple people, so please, bare with us. In the meantime, if you’d like to support our work, you can subscribe to CETV, or simply make a donation at CETV a platform we created to combat the censorship we are currently experiencing, and it’s helping us to barely stay afloat.

The vision for Collective Evolution is much larger than what it started off as. We, like any other organization, want to evolve and have a greater impact on the planet and human consciousness. It’s unfortunate that the ‘powers that be’ have the ability to simply flip a switch and cause an organization like ours to collapse, but we’re still here.. Discover how Conscious Breathing can improve your life in just 10 days through our upcoming guided challenge starting January 13th, 2020! Get access to daily videos, guided meditations, and community support to master conscious breathing basics. Release stress, activate heart coherence, improve digestion, sleep better and more! Sign Up For The Chall.

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