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Delic Radio: Psychedelic Wellness is for Everyone

Delic Corp’s founder and podcast host, Jackee Stang, speaks to three giants in the psychedelic space: Dennis McKenna, Rick Doblin, and Duncan Trussell.

Delic Radio: Psychedelic Wellness is for Everyone
Former Executive Producer of Bulletproof Radio and VP of Programming at High Times, Jackee has been a powerful force in building some of the most creative and influential businesses of our era.

The potential of psychedelics to help people live better lives has interested Jackee for 25 years. She founded Delic Corp. in 2018 in order to “help mainstream psychedelic culture. It was fear, racism and great marketing that got us into this mess–the failed war on drugs. And it’s great marketing, mixed with community and education, that’s going to get us out.” In the first episode of Delic Radio, Jackee brings three key members in the psychedelic community together. Each thinker has played an instrumental role in educating the public about psychedelics. Beginning with the legendary ethnopharmacologist, research pharmacognosist, lecturer, and author, Dennis McKenna addresses basic misconceptions about drugs. “We are made of drugs,” McKenna says. “We’re biochemical engines that run on drugs; neural transmitters, hormones, and all the signaling molecules that run the organism.” Actor, comedian, and psychonaut Duncan Trussell brings humor, intelligence, and experience to the discussion about cannabis, psychedelics, as well as representation in these industries. He urges us to perpetuate positive drug narratives in lieu of misconceptions. “There are so many things that you can do that will make your spiritual practice of taking marijuana or psychedelics beneficial to you and your community.

There are so many things you can do that will not make it beneficial, which is to uphold the stereotypes that we’re trying to overcome right now.” Finally, Rick Doblin, the insurmountable force behind MAPS, reminds us of how crucial and historically relevant this moment is. “This is the first time in 50 years that we’ve had a chance to reintegrate psychedelics and marijuana fully legal into our culture. And we have to be very careful to do it in a way that doesn’t trigger another backlash and sets us back another 50 years. I don’t think the world can handle it.” Psychedelic wellness is for everyone.

The experience puts us in touch with our individual power to create our reality from start to finish.

They aid us in building a happier and healthier world filled with meaning, within and without. “You are the best drug that money can’t buy,” Jackee declares. “That’s right.

The goal is sober.

The goal is you. Life’s pretty darn trippy anyway, don’t you think? So let’s talk about it.” Tune into the intellectually stimulating and deliciously practical first episode of Delic Radio. For practical advice on how psychedelics work in the body and how these substances can be integrated into our society, tune in to better understand the scope of the psychedelic field and educate yourself on the far-reaching effects of a psychedelic lifestyle.

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