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Delic Radio: Ryan Munevar on Legalizing Psilocybin

Delic Corp co-founder and Delic Radio guest star, Matt Stang, speaks to Ryan Munevar, the Director of Decriminalize California.

Delic Radio: Ryan Munevar on Legalizing Psilocybin
The decriminalization initiative in California focuses on psilocybin mushrooms. It may prove to be the substance, following cannabis, that opens the door for broader drug policy reform. This is the greater issue at hand: an inalienable human right to responsibly consume psychedelics. That belief is driving Jackee, Matt, and Ryan in their respective efforts to frame the psychedelic conversation as a civil rights issue. Delic Radio host, Jackee Stang, introduces the episode with her co-founder, husband, and cannabis media legend Matt Stang.

They remind us how integral California has been in leading drug reform initiatives, including cannabis.

The need for drug policy reform extends far beyond the borders of California. Matt says, “the amount of people dying from mental health issues has doubled in the last 10 years.” Jackee points out that psychedelics are showing an 80% success rate in treating some of the most difficult mental health disorders currently plaguing modern society. “Everyone knows someone with some version of mental instability. If you have a pathway out,” Matt says, “and the government is not allowing you to take it, it’s heartbreaking. That’s why Ryan is doing this. This is why we’re doing this.” As the CMO of High Times, Matt has been at the forefront of the cannabis movement for decades. Ryan’s team helped to legalize cannabis in many California municipalities.

Their combined experience resonates throughout this in-depth and thoughtful discussion about decriminalizing psychedelic mushrooms and why drug policy reform is so important. Ryan illuminates the complex road that a bill travels through in order to get to the ballot. For example, they must acquire around 625,000 signatures to secure a spot in the 2020 elections. What that really means is they need about a million signatures. Beyond the fascinating story behind the bill and its journey, Matt and Ryan dig deeper into the unjust laws surrounding drugs. Throughout the episode, Ryan comes back to a question: “Should someone go to jail for selling psychedelic mushrooms?” He follows this up by asking: Should someone go to jail for using or possessing psychedelic mushrooms? Let’s be real about it. As Ryan says, “A felony destroys your life.” Upon leaving prison their sentence haunts them for the rest of their life. Even worse, those impacted most by the unjust drug laws are underprivileged populations. What can we do? Sign. At Meet Delic, you will have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the cause. As Ryan says, they need over a million signatures (1 out of 3 will end up being invalid). Everyone attending Meet Delic will be able to sign the petition. Our voices matter. Make sure your signature pushes this piece of legislation forward! From drug policy reform to the deceptive nature of the word “non-profit” to conscious capitalism, tune into this delicious and nutritious discussion between two major advocates of drug policy reform. Journey Safe friends! .

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