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DISCUSS: “Mass Psychosis” Trending on Twitter

DISCUSS: “Mass Psychosis” Trending on Twitter

The Duckingstool by Charles Stanley Reinhart

The concept of a ‘mass psychosis’, an unrecognised force which is influencing humanity in its darkest hour, has been gaining traction on social media. It might provide a useful mechanism to explain how so many people could be fooled by a fake pandemic, but is it in danger of letting certain narrative kingpins and zealots off the hook?

In The Last American Vagabond’s The Daily Wrap Up, Ryan Cristián covers Mass Formation Psychosis’ recent public exposure. He says that the media’s attempt to recast this issue as ‘far right’ is ‘waking people up to the illusion of the two party paradigm’. He adds that mass formation is a ‘large part’ if not the ‘entirety’ of the covid phenomenon, but adds the caveat that there are ‘a lot of other factors involved’.

Cristián proceeds to underpin and refresh important facts and plot-holes in the fast-decaying Covid narrative – vital information to keep at the forefront of our minds as face-saving, retouching and whitewashing picks up apace.

Please watch his video below:

The term ‘mass formation’ comes from the work of Prof. Mattias Desmet, a psychoanalyst from Ghent University, whose theories on Mass Formation, or Mass Psychosis Formation, were recently expounded by Dr Robert Malone on the Joe Rogan Experience.

The Joe Rogan podcast, which aired on 1 January and has since been scrubbed from Youtube and Twitter, featured Dr Malone talking about his recent Twitter ban due to his stance on covid vaccination. Dr Malone’s endorsement of Prof. Desmet’s ideas received many millions of views before the podcast was taken down, and has caused #MassPychosis to trend on twitter.

You can view the Joe Rogan podcast on Bitchute below:

And here is a very interesting interview from August 2021 between Prof. Mattias Desmet and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

At the heart of ‘mass formation’, says Prof. Mattias, are many contributing factors, including a lack of ‘meaning making’ in our lives and excess ‘free-floating anxiety’ within society. This can result in a sort of group hypnosis within social groups, which may be seen in its most extreme form in historical authoritarian regimes.

For those familiar with Jung, this might tie into many of his ideas. For example, his concept of the ‘Shadow’: the Personal Shadow (the hidden dark side of an individual) and the Collective Shadow (the hidden dark side of society) and the necessity to understand both in order to be healthy and balanced people/societies, or risk falling foul of the unacknowledged shadow’s negative influence.

Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. At all counts, it forms an unconscious snag, thwarting our most well-meant intentions.

Could an open discussion of Mass Formation Psychosis pave the way to becoming more aware of our personal and collective ‘shadow’?

Might it provide a graceful climb down for fervent adherents of the cult of covid, and expedite the way out of this mess of untruths founded on untruths founded on myths founded on lies? Will it allow us to place judgement to one side, and forge a new path based on self-knowledge, transparency, devotion to truth, facts and actual science?

Or perhaps, as the covid narrative noticeably struggles, we should be cautious of fast-trending alt. narratives coming to the fore?

While Prof. Desmet’s theories are indeed interesting and provide much potential insight into many aspects of the covid phenomenon (and ourselves), a fast-trending hashtag is a likely target for spin.

What could that spin be?

As the pandemic narrative self destructs, could mass psychosis provide a moral hall of mirrors? Could it let some very culpable and unsavoury characters off the hook with an easy plea of temporary group insanity?

If too much blame is laid at the feet of a sociological phenomenon, might we become drunk on new-found forgiveness and dewey-eyed reconciliation with our fellow man, and lose our vigilance? Might we turn around to discover the history books have been quietly rewritten, that evil truths have been airbrushed away and COVID erected in their place, and that a globalist agenda has been stealthily working behind the scenes?

If we can avoid the traps, there is potentially a lot to be gained by a greater understanding of ‘mass formation’, integrated into a wider pursuit of truth and justice.

Please, discuss your thoughts below.


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