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DJ Avicii Made A Video About Elite Child Sex Trafficking. But Did He Know Something?

DJ Avicii, age 28, was found dead last week in Oman, and it has brought a lot of attention to various aspects of mental health that plague all of us, not just stars and performers.

DJ Avicii Made A Video About Elite Child Sex Trafficking. But Did He Know Something?

It has also had people in the alternative media community questioning why he might have died. Although questioning is great, I feel we are missing a key point here. That aside, what we sometimes don’t realize about people within these industries is that it’s not easy to operate in a healthy manner within them. We think because they have attention, money and so forth that it’s all privilege and easy livin’. But this isn’t the case when mental struggles cannot be helped by money. In this case, regardless of certain conspiracies that have been brought forth, it is more likely that Avicii acted on suicide, as confirmed by parents. This isn’t to say this is certain, but more so that a lot points to this. “He really struggled with thoughts about Meaning, Life, Happiness. He could not go on any longer. He wanted to find peace. Tim was not made for the business machine he found himself in; he was a sensitive guy who loved his fans but shunned the spotlight. Tim, you will forever be loved and sadly missed.

The person you were and your music will keep your memory alive.” His family stated. Part of the reason so many feel there was foul play was because the alternative media community had been spreading that Avicii was about to expose an elite pedophile ring, but there is evidence of this at all.

The source of this information was Neon Nettle, a well known source for fake stories. From this Neon Nettle story, various memes and videos were created also spreading this message.

The challenge is, there is absolutely no evidence he was about to do anything of the sorts. As a founder of a conscious media outlet (CE) that often does not agree with mainstream narratives, I can say it’s important to not share articles from websites like Neon Nettle that are in many cases false and that pull truth away from the very real reality that elite pedophile rings exist. By having irresponsible websites like Snopes who have so much ammunition for debunking stories that blanket an entire subject, it doesn’t allow people to see the truth when real stories emerge. Recommended CE podcast: Mind Control The Music Industry In 2015 Avicii did release a video for his song “A Better Day” where he shows child sex tracking taking place and two girls that escape from a man trying to capture them.

The video later reveals that the two girls seek revenge on the ‘elite’ that were running this pedophile operation. Given the video, it’s very possible Avicii is speaking from a stand point of knowledge or truth about the subject. We do know this reality exists, it happens through elite politicians and industry leaders and he may have been privy to that information. But does this mean he was going to say something next so they killed him? No. Not everyone who speaks out dies. Think Ashton Kutcher. We like to pretend that things are so simple. You speak out you die, you stay quiet, you live. But this isn’t the case. This would suggest that the elite has ultimate power and we can NEVER do anything. Where does that lead? What’s the point of seeking truth if they have so much power that nothing could ever change? Truly explore this question in your heart. You will likely find that souls that choose to speak out will not ALWAYS be killed, this simply isn’t how it works. Personally I feel it’s time alt media and us as readers evolve past this limited way of thinking. That there is ALWAYS an agenda and that the people can never ‘win.’ You can watch Avicii’s music video below. I have had a fascination with the music and film industry for two reasons. 1.

The way they are often used to mind control the public. 2.

The journey to which a person becomes part of it all. Aside from my own intuition and observation of watching events in these industries evolve over the years, I’ve spoken to many people who have seen the inside of these industries and have confirmed that the industry is insanely tough, for men and women. For example, sexual acts and rituals are often the means by which BOTH genders get to when they gain popularity. Reflect on what just that alone does to the psyche.

Then think about celeb outbursts and why they might truly be breaking down, instead of simply listening to mainstream media and outlets like Entertainment Tonight which judges people for their actions to which we respond “wow that person is nuts.” In the case of Avicii, he was in fact struggling with alcohol and found it very difficult to deal with the limelight. This is understandable given that it can at times being a star is not an easy life. So before we turn to “he must have been killed for his video” think about the reality of the mental health challenges he faced and the lack of focus or care our society has put on this stuff. Perhaps we could do better to support mental health than to simply assume there is always foul play. When we drink and use drugs daily, it’s typically because we are hiding from feelings or not feeling good. This might be tough for us to swallow but it’s the truth, if we were feeling great and at peace, we wouldn’t be escaping sobriety daily. In summary here, as alternative media outlets and viewers, let’s be more reflective about stories. Are they true? Does it have a clear overarching meaning? Are we pushing a narrative that there is no hope and nothing can ever change? Are we stuck in ‘never ending elite syndrome?’ (My own term for the idea that the elite will always win.) Let’s also remember to truly ask and empathize with people. Why are they feeling what they are feeling? What is it really like to be in the limelight? If you are looking for some help in quieting the mind and moving through some of the anxiety and various mental health challenges we might be facing try this. You can also explore our Consciousness section. .

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