DMT: Underground Research Masquerading As Science – or Sound Science?

It was arguably inevitable that someone somewhere would take it upon themselves to begin their very own unsanctioned research programme with DMT (aka The Spirit Molecule) — the potent psychedelic drug that research suggests is produced naturally within our brain. Whether smoked, or imbibed as a traditional Amazonian shamanic brew (the most popular routes of administration), DMT has acquired legendary status among its underground adherents. If we are to believe what users of this powerful substance are reporting, we are considering matters with a magnitude of such seriousness that they could well shake the very foundations of traditional, Western-minded, materialist science. Rick Strassman’s government-approved research with this legendary substance in the 1990s — and the subsequent documentary produced in collaboration with Mitch Schultz — no doubt served as an inspirational catalyst that prompted many to pursue their own enquiry into the alleged effects produced by this powerful mind-manifesting substance. And that is exactly how my curiosity came to be aroused, leading me to want to see for myself what the so-called spirit molecule could show me. I began by reading up on the subject — looking at numerous user accounts posted on DMT Nexus; reading Terrence McKenna’s experiences and philosophy; listening attentively to recordings of his lectures, always delivered with his inimitable nasally accent and his uncanny ability to test the elasticity of vocabulary to its limits. But none of that really mattered as I smoked my first small dose and heard a rapidly rising sound in the midst of my head, and marvelled as my sunlit bedroom took on an astonishing crystal clear clarity. But as I gradually upped my dosage, I forgot all about Terrance McKenna, and much of what I had read about DMT, as I appeared to be entering into another realm — a place with bizarre scenery, impossible objects, and strange humanlike entities always exhibiting delight at my presence and making such a fuss over me. Such experiences were so overwhelmingly and emotionally profound that my levels of astonishment were exercised to an extent well beyond anything that I had thought was possible. But along with astonishment, my curiosity was equally aroused, as I asked myself: What is really happening in these truly bizarre experiences? Thus it was that I made a decision to commit myself to my very own home-based research program, aimed at coming to some understanding of what was really occurring in these strange, otherworldly experiences. Was I really entering into another realm; another world; another dimension? And if so, why did that place look far more real than ordinary everyday reality appears? And what was that energetic high-pitched ringing sound in the midst of my head, in response to the DMT inhaled through my lungs? For three years I committed myself to several hundred individual experiments smoking DMT. I made sure that my vocational and family commitments were an utmost priority, and I am pleased to say that was never called into question. Much else, however, was. I did not know it at the time, but now, having completed my research, I can see that I was subjected to something of a gradual initiatory process by spiritual entities; consciousness energies; intelligent discarnate beings — call them what you will. I know very well how absolutely unbelievable that must sound to those minds accustomed thinking logically and with rational focus. But they are very the same tools-of-mind that I have employed throughout my research, and in making my analyses. I say my research was initiatory because, time and time again, I had to find the necessary courage to commit myself to DMT’s capacity to unlock the powerful latent energies within my mind, and then submit myself to the truly phenomenal energies from the mind of another.

The experiences very subtly changed over time. I became increasingly aware that strange emotional states were being imposed upon me through manipulation of my psyche. Bizarre invasive operations were undertaken within my physiology. I was tricked, subdued, entertained, spooked, terrified, and left awestruck, dumbfounded, and exceedingly perplexed many times over. But perhaps most rewardingly of all, from my small back garden, I have observed in broad daylight, and whilst in full control of my rational senses, phenomenally configured geometrically complex beings that can leave the observer in no doubt whatsoever that humanity is not the pinnacle of evolution. My research program was not about taking heroic doses, or trying to go further than anyone else has gone — far from it! My intention was to simply try to understand, through experiential pursuit, the mechanics behind these bizarre experiences. I understood that I was operating in the role of data-collection, forming conjecture and analyses at the early stages of something that will radically transform Western culture and traditional materialist science. I completely understand that my subjective experiences do not quality as objective proof of that which I contend to be true. But I have no doubt whatsoever that other researchers and investigators with the capacity for this demanding research, and who dare to publish their findings will be making very similar arguments to those that I have made. It should go without saying, but I will say it anyway: Anyone thinking that DMT is a party drug, or something that can be used recreationally, had better think again. This is a powerfully transformative substance that will profoundly reconfigure your ontological outlook on this life, and the life that is otherwise hidden from your eyes. DMT My Occult Mind: Investigation of Occult Realities using the Spirit Molecule .

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