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DNA is the Constitution of Life and They are Destroying it with Gene-Based Injections

DNA is the Constitution of Life and They are Destroying it with Gene-Based Injections

You want to know why so many people are falling ill and dying suddenly and what we can do about it? 

The answer is really quite simple. A year ago, I wrote about constitutional change, thinking naively that it presented a road ahead to protect us from ill-considered and unfair mandates. A safeguard that would protect our natural human rights. I have changed my opinion completely. You will too if you consider what we know about the basic equations of life and how the pandemic has destructively interfered with them.  

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By Dr. Guy Hatchard

The second law of thermodynamics states that as energy is transferred or transformed, more and more of it is wasted. In simple terms, this implies that entropy or disorder is always increasing in the universe. Like a fire burning in your front room, it is gradually running out of fuel.

There is one exception to this: living systems. Living systems are swimming against the current, they are increasing in order, they are evolving. This area is the subject of nonequilibrium thermodynamics. The remarkable molecule that orchestrates this miracle is DNA. DNA is found in every living cell, managing the trillions of actions that maintain life.

If you uncoil each strand of DNA in a cell and place them end to end, they would be 2 metres long. This might sound deceptively manageable, but we have trillions of cells and therefore a lot of DNA. Each DNA molecule contains 204 billion atoms. Stretch out all your DNA, and the resulting strand would be 107 billion kilometres long – about the same as 150,000 round trips to the Moon.

DNA is so vital to life that it is highly protected. Our human body is designed so that both air and food enter only through the mouth. Food is then filtered by our complex digestive system whose biomolecular processes transform our natural food (which is also based on DNA), into usable nutrients and building blocks through a myriad of steps only completed over the course of a month. Every single atom in the physiology is replaced according to a fixed order every 5 to 10 years. Ensuring our life is constantly being refreshed.

It doesn’t stop there. Each cell is highly protected from degradation, pollution, and the effects of radiation. Firstly, by the cell wall which is largely successful in preventing the entry of toxins, pathogens, and pollutants. Deep inside the cell is the nucleus which contains the DNA. This is also highly protected. In each of our 37 trillion cells, there are 70,000 DNA repair jobs that are executed each day, ensuring as far as possible that the structure of DNA is stable and protected from radiation-induced mutation.

Life already has a constitution – DNA

There is a grand conclusion here – life already has a constitution, a sort of Cosmic Constitution – our DNA. DNA contains the miracle set of intelligent instructions which ensure that the second law of thermodynamics – the law of universal decay – is not just circumvented, but actually reversed to become a law of evolution. The myriad of living things on earth are guided, protected, and promoted by DNA (I have recently written about evolution, genetics, and the pandemic at length and you can download the paper HERE).

DNA is not a small collection of ideas such that you might find in the 85,000 words of a typical book or even in the entire collections of large libraries, it contains both sequential instructions and cross-referencing between its billions of integrated components. Each gene engages in many collaborative projects with other genes. DNA has also stored the memories of countless microbiological undertakings through millions of years of species evolution which have protected and promoted life on the planet. It really is the Cosmic Constitution of Life with a capital L.

Now consider what we are currently doing to ourselves

We have been exposed to novel genetically engineered pathogens, designed through gain-of-function experiments to make people seriously ill. In response, we are bypassing the natural safeguards of digestion by injecting material directly into the body. This material contains microscopic lipid nanoparticles. Particles that are designed to breach the protective cell wall. It also contains instructions designed to alter the way DNA works and/or expresses itself. Once inside the cell, these are capable of transcribing themselves into our nuclear DNA, corrupting its structure. 

Once DNA is corrupted, it loses its incredible ability to overcome the second law of thermodynamics. We become subject to the laws of decay, rapid decay. If you want to know why so many people are becoming ill and dying this is it in a nutshell. 

This is not a flight of fancy. The second law of thermodynamics is one of the most highly verified laws known to physics. Similarly, Ilya Prigogine was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1977 for his contributions to nonequilibrium thermodynamics, particularly the theory of dissipative structures which characterise living systems.

Imagine with me for a moment how a few biotechnologists subject to the same human vagaries and frailties as everyone else – mistakes, greed, limited perception of consequences, emotional instability, pride, and so on – are redesigning DNA according to their immature ideas of what life is.

They have no understanding of where or how human consciousness, compassion, and harmony originated. Their ideas about immunity are very mechanical, tentative, and have often been in great error, yet they are going ahead and injecting almost the whole population of the world with experimental biotech concoctions and waiting to see what happens. 

Well, they are seeing it now – excess deaths on a scale never before seen outside of wartime – but apparently, they cannot believe their eyes. So, they are looking the other way. I suppose there was an expectation of reward, plaudits, and victory parades. Possibly disappointed but undeterred they are calling for yet more injections. Convinced that they must be right, they keep pressing ahead, editing the very heart of living processes. 

The massive public relations onslaught of biotechnology has had its numbing effect. People are falling ill, unable to work, or going to hospital in numbers which are clogging health services. Still, many are raising angry voices against those who are unvaccinated because they have been sold a story that they alone are to blame. No government agency is prepared to reveal just how many cancers, cardiac events, hospitalisations, and sudden deaths there are. No government will let slip that they have genetically vaccinated their people to the point that suddenly they might have become detached from the river of evolution and are now subject to universal laws of decay.

Biotechnology experimentation cannot be contained. The effects of genetic editing are highly mobile and can spread without limit, as we have seen during the pandemic. They are passed on to future generations and cannot be recalled. There is only one sure way out of the pandemic – protect the Cosmic Constitution of Life – DNA. Join the campaign for Global Legislation Outlawing Biotechnology Experimentation. Go to GLOBE.GLOBAL for more information. 

About the Author

New Zealand’s Guy Hatchard, PhD, is an international advocate of food safety and natural medicine. He was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. He has lectured and advised governments in countries around the world on health and education initiatives.

Recently Dr. Hatchard launched a Campaign for Global Legislation Outlawing Biotechnology Experimentation – GLOBE – a global initiative to end risky biotechnology experimentation.  You can register, contribute as an author or follow this initiative on the website GLOBE.GLOBAL or signup to receive GLOBE’s email newsletters HERE.

You can find more articles by Dr. Hatchard on his website The Hatchard Report HERE.

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