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Do genetically modified foods cause epigenetic changes which affect our bodies and our minds?

Do genetically modified foods cause epigenetic changes which affect our bodies and our minds?

Epigenetic modifications are influenced by environmental factors, pharmaceutical and nutritional elements, lifestyle and developmental stages.

The human body and soul today are reeling under relentless epigenetic warfare, Dr. Mathew Maavak writes and explores two causative factors for epigenetic changes –  constituents of food and vaccines – and their potential effects. 

In the following, the second part of his series, Dr. Maavak delves into genetically modified food and its impact potentially for two or three generations after the person who consumed it.  And he raises the possibility of the hepatitis A vaccines causing a surge in female gender dysphoria.

You can read the first part of Dr. Maavak’s series HERE.

Before we get to Dr. Maavak’s article, a brief explanation of what epigenetics is to help visualise the concepts he is discussing.

DNA is the molecule that contains the genetic instructions and genes are segments of DNA that encode the instructions for a particular trait or characteristic. Another way to put it is: DNA is responsible for storing genetic information while genes are responsible for expressing that information.

Epigenetic changes are genetic modifications that impact gene activity without changing the DNA sequence.  It refers to external modifications to DNA that turn genes “on” or “off.” These modifications do not change the DNA sequence, but instead, they affect how cells “read” genes.

Epigenetic changes can influence various physiological and pathological outcomes and behavioural traits.  The infographic in the slideshow below was produced by the Centre on the Developing Child at Harvard University. It shows how children’s experiences affect their genes.  You can see the original infographic in larger print HERE.

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Can foreign DNA control your soul? — Part 2

By Dr. Mathew Maavak

While our physical traits are more or less predetermined by DNA, it is the genes within which are responsible for the development of particular traits. This has been a consistent finding in the field of epigenetics. 

A recent article in The Conversation sums up epigenetics pretty well in layman-friendly terms:

Epigenetic modifications are influenced by environmental factors, pharmaceutical and nutritional elements, lifestyle and developmental stages. They play crucial roles in normal development, cellular differentiation and disease processes. For instance, epigenetic changes can affect cancer progression, metabolic disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases. Unlike genetic mutations, epigenetic modifications are often reversible, making them a significant area of interest for therapeutic interventions. Understanding epigenetics provides insights into how genes and the environment interact to shape health and disease outcomes across generations.

Epigenetic studies on identical twins have also effectively demolished the “gay gene” theory. It was discovered that the adoption of a homosexual lifestyle by one identical twin is rarely replicated in the genetically identical kin. The argument that “I was born this way” is therefore based on politically-dictated fraudulent science.

While the field of epigenetics is vast and often poorly understood, I will focus on three elements which can activate novel gene expressions in the human body.

Transfused Blood 

According to geneticist and evolutionary biologist Richard Lewontin (1929-2021), blood is subject to the same heredity rules as human organs. 

Nearly 120 million units of blood are donated globally every year, with 25 million units transfused in Europe alone. They have become a ubiquitous life-saving medical procedure which, in turn, could be the reason why relatively few studies have focused on the psychological impacts of blood transfusion. 

Yet, there are blood transfusion recipients who have reported changes in their mood, behaviour and even memories after undergoing the procedure. In a 2017 study coordinated out of the University of Geneva, six out of seven study participants “acknowledged the possibility that transfusions might induce changes in behaviour or values … Three subjects clearly stated that they would refuse to receive blood from a criminal for fear that some negative characteristic may be transmitted to them. Furthermore, three subjects acknowledged that their transfusion might have changed their own behaviour or values.” 

One study participant claimed that his sleep was marked by a rise in the number of dreams post-transfusion while another claimed that his sense of taste had changed. The latter found it worrying, saying: “I hope that the donor’s blood cannot take over.” One of the patients reported that “he felt happier and stronger” post-transfusion. 

The authors of the study admitted that “further research in a larger population is warranted to evaluate the incidence of a perceived change in behaviour or values after a blood transfusion.” 

There is a growing perception that donor memories may be stored as “chemical codes” inside transfused blood.

Donor traits may be transferred to blood transfusion recipients in a manner paralleling the organ transplantation process. 

Read more: Can foreign DNA control your soul? – Part 1, Dr. Mathew Maavak, 11 June 2024

In a world gripped by constant pandemic fearmongering, there is growing circumspection over transfused blood from donors who have received the covid-19 and other novel vaccines. The vaccinated blood may act as an epigenetic bioreactor for a multiplicity of adverse events associated with covid-19 vaccines. 

The genetic makeup of transfused blood never changes as it remains that of the donor. The recipient’s body will gradually remove and replace the donor’s cells with its own, maintaining the recipient’s genetic identity. But what happens when tainted blood acts as an epigenetic bioreactor during the replenishment period? What happens when spike proteins are transferred into the recipient’s body? And what happens when donor bloods are biotechnologically tainted by CRISPR-Cas9 tools? These uncomfortable questions are rarely answered in an era of manufactured pandemics.

The ancient world however had viewed blood as the inviolable life force of a person or creature. The consumption of blood was prohibited in the Bible and it remains one of only three Jewish dietary laws that are applicable to Christians (Acts 15:29). 

The first recorded murder in the Bible – that of Cain slaying his brother Abel – has an intriguing reference to blood. 

What an otherwise odd statement! Does blood carry the “voice” of an aggrieved soul, even after death? 

GM-tainted Food 

The human body and soul today are reeling under relentless epigenetic warfare. While IQ scores and sperm counts are dropping dramatically across the world, a surge in “sudden and unexpected” deaths and turbocharged terminal ailments are constantly “baffling” experts. The human epigenetic mechanism seems to be working on steroids. 

Food constitutes one of these epigenetic steroids. We are, after all, not only what we eat but “what our grandmothers ate”! This is called nutritional epigenetics. If natural sources of food can have generational consequences, how will artificially created genetically modified organisms (“GMOs”) affect our bodies and minds? 

Despite endless calls for caution, the genetically modified (“GM”) food juggernaut is simply unstoppable. There is even a proposal to insert genetic barcodes into our already-tainted food chain. As Tracy Thurman wrote in the Activist Post

This would be the ultimate form of bio-surveillance. Food can now be tracked throughout the production to sewage cycle. In the meantime, children in the developed world are getting “shorter, fatter and sicker” (and dumber) as a result of frankenfoods. 

The Corbett Report recently featured a podcast titled ‘The Future of Food’ which revealed how food is being wielded as a weapon. This is redolent of a 1974 plan crafted by Henry Kissinger and his ilk back in a report titled ‘National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for US Security and Overseas Interests’(aka the Kissinger Report)The 123-page report is nothing short of a genocidal plan to address the Malthusian conundrum of a growing global population in the face of limited resources. 

But what happens when food is weaponised at the most basic level – the genetic level? According to the Corbett report:

When a variety of artificial bioreactors are introduced into the human body, expect an explosion of medical maladies. 

A 2014 Activist Post report featured 10 scientific studies which showcased how GMOs were deleterious to human health. 10 years later,the momentum towards GMOs and laboratory-grown synthetic food has snowballed, along with a multiplicity of human ailments and mental conditions. No gastronomic monstrosity has been taken off the kitchen table, pardon the pun. The supposedly wealthy nation of Singapore will soon feature certain insects on the menu. 

The US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (“DARPA”) is going a few steps further. It has just commissioned a study on how military plastic waste can be reduced to bacterial protein powder for human consumption! 

And why not? According to a recent peer-reviewed paper published by Nature Communications, over 73 per cent of the US food supply is ultra-processed. This in turn “correlates with higher risk of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, angina, elevated blood pressure and biological age, and reduces the bio-availability of vitamins.” If this isn’t the more ominous side of nutritional epigenetics, I do not know what is – especially since ultra-processed food is pumped up with an assortment of GMOs and “biotech-enhanced” ingredients. Naturally, I couldn’t find any references to GMOs, “biotech” or even the mention of “genetics” in the paper. That would literally open up an inconvenient Pandora’s box for the researchers involved. 

At the end of the day, if “you are what your grandma ate,” what happens to your psyche or soul after having consumed frankenfoods for over two or three generations? Or even a few years as the epigenetic process accelerates in tandem with society’s demise? 

What if your ultra-processed food contains flavourings that were originally derived from aborted foetal cell lines? Wouldn’t the effects be worse than those encountered after organ transplantation?(More on this topic in another commentary)


Many vaccines contain cell lines that were originally synthesised from aborted foetuses. The most widely-known aborted foetus in this regard is the HEK293. HEK stands for “human embryonic kidney” and 293 denotes the number of foetuses who were aborted until the desired cells were extracted. Just about every fast food, junk food or mass market confectionary you consume will contain ingredients that were originally synthesised from aborted foetal cells. And this has been frighteningly normalised since the 1970s. The US biotech giant, Senomyx, is a trailblazer in this field. 

Organisations like the National Right to Life have been consistently exposing the industrial harvesting of foetal body parts for decades but to little avail. Scientists claim that aborted human foetuses, along with their cells and organs, are critically needed to achieve medical breakthroughs for a variety of ailments. It is all for a “noble cause”!

When basic human morals, conscience and empathy are defenestrated for the ostensible cause of science, expect strange repercussions. Among myriad other ramifications in this regard, recent studies have shown a plausible correlation between vaccination and gender dysphoria

The Forgotten Side of Medicine (Substack) has published a lot of information on this phenomenon. It notes that a variety of independent studies have “shown that vaccinated individuals, when compared to the minority of the population who are unvaccinated, are many times more likely to develop a wide range of illnesses (e.g., ADHD, asthma, depression, eczema, epilepsy, a variety of learning disorders, middle ear infections, sinusitis, etc.).”  

(In many of these studies, the Amish community – who are against vaccination – have been used as the control group). 

According to the Substack author, there is a growing perception that the hepatitis A vaccine was “responsible for the surge in female gender dysphoria” nearly 12 years after its market introduction in 2004. Before 2016, male-to-female transitions were 6-7 times as frequent as female-to-male ones, but now they are just as common. As the author left the reader to posit:

The explosion of gender dysphoria in recent times simply defies scientific explanation. The mass formation hypothesis, while having many merits, simply cannot explain why males are having lower sperm counts and are becoming more effeminate by the year. And no, it has little to do with organic soy. The gender-bending fallouts of vaccination is encapsulated by the observational snapshot below:

As for the covid-19 “vaccine,” here is what Guy Hatchard wrote for the Brownstone Institute in an article titled ‘Can Biotechnology Control Human Behaviour?’:

This seems to be a fulfilment of an age-old occultist goal which was famously articulated by the Austrian esotericist Rudolf Steiner:  “In the future, we will eliminate the soul with medicine.

But if the soul cannot be entirely eliminated, it can be “altered” via food, vaccines, transfused blood or transplanted organs. 

There is yet another human activity which can alter one’s gene expressions. It is the reason why the ancient world had placed constraints on it. Part 3 will unpack this oft-ignored phenomenon.

About the Author

Mathew Maavak holds a PhD in Policy Studies and is affiliated with the Big Data Excellence Centre.  He specialises in systems science, global risks, strategic foresight, geopolitics and governance. He is a Malaysian expert on risk foresight and governance.

Dr. Maavak has published numerous Op-Eds on a variety of eclectic subjects for over 20 years – by “connecting the dots” in a disjointed world.  He has written articles for various publications including Eurasia Review, Modern Diplomacy and Business Standard. He has also appeared on CCTV (China), Sputnik (Russia), and other media outlets, sharing his expertise on global issues.

He is the author of a Substack page titled ‘The Eye Opener’ which you can subscribe to and follow HERE.  You can also support his work by tipping him a one-time cuppa with Ko-Fi.

Featured image: Are genetically modified organisms safe? Britannica

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