Do You Live Your Life With Purpose? (Here’s How To Start)

Intention doesn’t always have to be big or about setting goals.Your intent may be to be the best friend, family member or co-worker you can be that day, or always for that matter.

. It’s really about working through a process that is fulfilling and satisfying from start to finish. Setting your intention with anything that you do is living life with purpose. A recent study conducted by Harvard University shows that 84% of graduating MBA students did not have specific goals set for after graduating school. Fourteen percent said they had goals in mind but were not written down anywhere. And only 3% said they had goals and were actively pursuing them. Another study showed that an overwhelming 92% of our society do not pursue any aspirations and goals. That leaves the overwhelming majority of people with too much time on their hands. And you know what happens when people have too much time on their hands, they get into the business of knowing your business and will try to fix your problems instead of fixing their own, and how often have you used your time to fix other people’s problems instead of focusing on your own... Goal setting and living life with purpose and intention go hand in hand.

They are much of the same nature and without one, the other may not take flight. It is important to understand your intention when setting goals. Are you setting a goal because of the influence of others? Are your goals based around money and other ego driven attachments such as wanting a new fancy car or a ripped body? The best part is that you can have all of these things when living with intention and purpose, it just depends on where that goal is originating from. Do you want a new car because you’d like a reliable source of transportation or does flashing your possessions to friends and family interest you? Do you see the difference between the two intentions yet the end goals are identical? It’s important to find where your goals originate from before giving all your time and energy to bring certain goals to life. I can assure you that purchasing your new car will feel much more fulfilling if your intention was to have a safe, reliable car as opposed to a new flashy ride.

The best way to create intention is to express what is near and dear to your heart. This way, you’re less likely to abandon your goals. Creating an intention because it sounds good or because everyone else is doing it increases the chance that you won’t follow through with it. You just won’t see enough value in the intention. So, here’s what you need to do.

These are your guiding principles, they influence your personal and professional decisions.

They determine your motivation, your purpose and what makes you happy. It will be what you stand up and fight for. Make a list of your core values and narrow them down to your top 3. For example, my core values are family, health peace of mind. Next, after narrowing down the list to your Top 3 core values, you’ll need to identify opportunities, places and things you can do to express them. Once you get experience and learn how to express your core values you’ll start to gravitate towards a specific type of experience. For example, I gravitated toward being of assistance to others. Now most of my long term goals and intentions are around being of assistance. I have other goals, creative, relationship and so on, but that is my main intention that I put my energy towards daily. Which one of your core values do you gravitate toward? Focus your intention and goals around it. It takes time and hard work to reach most goals so it’s worth your time now to find what will be the most fulfilling outcome. .

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