Donald Duck Cartoon From 1959 Teaches Sacred Geometry

I’ve always had difficulty understanding sacred geometry — or at least, I did, until I came across this Disney cartoon from 1959 that features Donald Duck teaching the concept to children.

Who would have thought that something like this even existed? Donald in Mathmagic Land is a 27-minute educational film featuring the one and only Donald Duck. Released on June 26, 1959, it soon became the most popular educational film ever released by Disney. Walt Disney himself said, “The cartoon is a good medium to stimulate interest. We have recently explained mathematics in a film and in that way excited public interest in this very important subject.” The video features a group described as a secret club of “Eggheads,” their symbolic emblem a pentagram.

The Masonic implications here seem clear, but of course, there’s no way to know for sure. Many people have theorized that Disney was an avid member of the Free Masons, even being among the few to reach the highest level, the 33rd degree, which is believed to use ancient teachings of the occult.

These include sacred geometry and devil worshipping. Considering the many subliminal messages hidden in Disney movies and cartoons in general, this aspect of the video is sure to raise more questions than it answers. Perhaps the most obvious and perplexing subliminal message hidden in a Disney cartoon, featured in Ducktales, are the words, “Ask about Illuminati” written on the wall in the background of the scene. What can we make of this? Was Disney himself trying to tell us something, or was this the work of a sneaky cartoonist? We may never learn the answer. Symbols containing sacred geometry, such as the flower of life, can be found on numerous ancient monolithic sites. Many believe that the ancients who built these sites used their understanding of sacred geometry to do so. It’s no wonder Walt Disney felt it was such an important topic to teach to children. Many people believe that understanding sacred geometry and symbols like the flower of life are the keys to understanding how the Universe really works.

There is a wealth of literature on the subject, with many holding that the symbol is sacred, meant to answer some of our most burning questions. It is said to be the creation pattern of everything in existence and must, therefore, hide immense power and knowledge, just waiting to be unlocked. You can learn more about sacred geometry and the flower of life here. What do you make of all of this? Let us know in the comments section below! Much Love .

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