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Dr. Kevin Stillwagon: Stop vaccinating now or we’re headed for real trouble

The curious thing about flu viruses is that our bodies constantly mutate them, Dr.

Dr. Kevin Stillwagon: Stop vaccinating now or we’re headed for real trouble

Kevin Stillwagon says.  The same applies to covid variants.  It is through this mechanism that those who are vaccinated produce virus mutations or covid variants.

Remember the virus is not alive, has no intelligence, no desire to attack you, no ability to inject itself into a cell, and no ability to mutate itself. The mutations are under the intelligent control of APOBEC enzymes in the cytoplasm of cells communicating with the nervous system, endocrine system, other viruses, exosomes, and ultimately universal intelligence.

None of the injections called “vaccines” can provide any protection of infection, nor can they stop the spread of viruses, he says.

In addition to making those vaccinated more susceptible to viral infections; vaccinations drive virus mutation.  The injections focus cellular immunity on the wrong protein and will induce the bodies of the vaccinated to further mutate the virus, Dr. Stillwagon explains below.  “Stop vaccinating now, or we’re headed for real trouble,” he warns.

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The gift of JN1 is here.  Don’t throw it away

By Dr. Kevin Stillwagon

It is important to recognise that our intelligent living cells through the action of APOBEC enzymes are mutating the virus to create new variants like JN1.

The virus is not mutating itself as it has no life or intelligence in it. Our bodies are mutating the virus. Why? To produce cellular protection of infection that occurs on the epithelial barrier due to the action of cytotoxic T-cells that get trained through the highly infectious but not yet highly virulent mutated variant called JN1 that is rapidly spreading through the population.

If we stop vaccinating, this cellular protection of infection will be able to stop the infection from spreading because the majority will have the ability to NOT become infected. How?

Because the highly infectious variant comes through the epithelial barrier in a natural way, and the cytotoxic T-cells get trained to recognise and remember ALL proteins on the virus, even the ones that recently mutated. These broadly powerful cytotoxic T-cells will then prevent any future variants from getting through the epithelial barrier, and the spread stops. That is called herd immunity. 

But, if we continue to vaccinate, the cytotoxic T-cells in the bodies of the vaccinated will become refocused on the protein created from the shot, not the many proteins on the actual virus particle that is circulating. Therefore, infections will continue to take place in the vaccinated and herd immunity never happens.

These actions of refocusing cellular immunity on the wrong protein will induce the bodies of the vaccinated to further mutate the virus so that the vaccinated will be gifted another chance to develop cellular protection of infection. Don’t throw that gift away.

Stop vaccinating now, or we’re headed for real trouble. The mutations that have happened up to this point have been mainly on the spike protein part of the virus. The JN1 variant now rapidly spreading shows mutations to other parts of the virus. If we continue to vaccinate, the potential exists for vaccine-driven mutations to not only become more infectious, but more virulent.

If you want to learn more about how the immune system naturally protects you against infections and how vaccines destroy that protection, consider taking my four-module course available here:  The Basics of Immune Function [1857SP] and the Importance of Innate Immunity.

Or watch some free videos here:  Dr. Kevin Stillwagon on Rumble.

Thanks for reading and thanks for staying smart.

About the Author

Dr. Kevin Stillwagon is a retired American chiropractor, airline captain, inventor, author and lecturer.  He became a chiropractor in 1980, licensed in the states of Florida and Pennsylvania. He self-published a book in 1984 on medical freedom and the dangers of vaccines and has been a medical freedom fighter ever since. He invented and patented a thermographic device in 1985 and taught its use worldwide.  He became an airline pilot in 1987. In early 2020, he saw signs that loss of freedom could be worse than the virus and began to speak out at his airline, which forced him to retire because he refused to wear a facemask as part of his uniform.

You can follow Dr. Stillwagon by subscribing to his Substack ‘The Silent Killers’ HERE or on his Rumble channel HERE.

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