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Dr. McCullough Reveals More Bad News About the COVID Jabs.

“We’re seeing a disturbing continued trend of cardiac arrests in people who have taken the vaccine,” reported world-renowned cardiologist Dr.

Dr. McCullough Reveals More Bad News About the COVID Jabs.

Peter McCullough to Real America’s Voice Friday. “Now we have data from Nakahara in a human cardiac PET study showing that positron emission tomography scans of the heart change in almost everybody who took the shot, at least for six months or longer, where the heart’s metabolism changes.”

Originally Published on Vigilant News

“This is a bit disturbing,” he added. “We don’t know what the implications of it are.”

In Dr. McCullough’s Substack post about this study, he stated, “Of interest among those with a sore arm after the shot, there were more striking differences in the heart scan, consistent with the inflammatory changes seen in the arm and the heart at autopsy by Schwab et al (and others).”

The bad news didn’t end there.

Dr. McCullough mentioned a study from Krauson and colleagues from Harvard, which found mRNA stuck in the heart in people who died following COVID-19 injection.

On Substack, Dr. McCullough wrote, “We can conclude, probably according to quantity of mRNA in the injection, time, and potentially individual susceptibility (athletic heart, cardiomyopathy, etc.) some individuals are walking around with COVID-19 vaccine in their heart muscle. The long-term implications for cardiac arrest, heart failure, and other problems are not known. No matter how much the academic community tries to minimize Krauson et al (and others), this paper is not good news to the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex.”

The last study Dr. McCullough discussed came from Schreckenberg and colleagues in Germany.

This study showed that Pfizer and Moderna are directly toxic to the heart muscle cells.

“I appeared on Grant Stinchfield on Real America’s Voice, Stinchfield Tonight and reviewed a recent publication by Schreckenberg et al (and others) who demonstrated direct cardiotoxicity of both Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines on heart muscle cells within 48 hours,” wrote Dr. McCullough on Substack. “This type of preclinical safety information should halt all mRNA vaccine development and mechanistic safety research should be undertaken. mRNA vaccines for infectious diseases will always code for foreign proteins that belong [to] microbes such as viruses, bacteria and fungi. Because mRNA forces heart muscle cells to produce a foreign (non-human) protein, the Schreckenberg paper suggests all future mRNA vaccines will have cardiac toxicity.”

“So we have a lot of information suggesting these are no good for the heart,” concluded Dr. McCullough on Real America’s Voice.

“They [COVID shots] should be off the market completely.”

Dr. McCullough’s full appearance on Real America’s Voice is available to watch in the video below:

Dr. Peter McCullough: Don’t Trust The VAX-Syndicate

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