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Dr. Mike Yeadon: Anything with mRNA written on it is designed to be harmful

In a discussion with Geoff Buys Cars last month, Dr.

Dr. Mike Yeadon: Anything with mRNA written on it is designed to be harmful

Mike Yeadon said that anything with mRNA written on it, without exception, is designed to be harmful.  So “don’t take any more of these bl**dy jabs.”

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Dr. Mike Yeadon has a degree in toxicology, has worked for over 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry, including at Pfizer,  and made the largest sale of a biotechnology operation at that time (in 2017).  He was at first censored and then vilified and is now a persona non grata for saying things various things including: “These [covid] jabs are not safe.”

When Dr. Yeadon was asked how much of covid was a PsyOp, he answered “Everything.”

“On the day of lockdown when Boris Johnson said ‘I must tell you, you must stay at home’, [in other words] they were locking us down – lockdown has never been used anywhere for anything.  It is not and was not the UK’s pandemic preparedness plan or that of any other country,” Dr. Yeadon said.

The year before covid a group of scientists who had been advising the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) looked at all the measures that could be used in an epidemic and they concluded that none of the measures that were later imposed in response to covid should be taken.

“[They] explicitly [said] not to lockdown because it would be economically and psychologically and socially utterly destructive,” Dr. Yeadon explained. “So, lockdown wasn’t in any country’s plan, the reason being because we knew it would be nonsense and dangerous.”

When all countries decided to “lockdown” almost at the same time, either they decided to do the same lunatic thing independently or there was an agreement to do it, he added.  “If there was an agreement to do it, I think that must have had supranational influence.” 

Dr. Yeadon doesn’t know who that influence is but “in the spring of 2020 I was sure there was a supranational plot because it made no sense to do what they were doing, it was going to have enormously bad economic, psychological and sociological effects and it couldn’t possibly be helpful.”

He became certain, in his professional capacity, that the so-called covid vaccines would harm people before the first dose was administered in a mass vaccination campaign.  The first mass injection campaign in the world started in the UK on 8 December 2020.  A week before, on 1 December 2020, together with Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg he co-authored an open letter to the European Medicines Agency (“EMA”). Unfortunately, Dr. Yeadon told Geoff Buys Cars, over the years “every one of those speculative concerns [we listed in the letter] has happened.”

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“You can’t invent, and properly test and then manufacture at scale any product, let alone a complicated one, in under a year,” Dr. Yeadon said. “My experience, plus those in clinical development and now I’ve made friends in the manufacturing side, it’s like you couldn’t do this in under five years.  It’s not a question of putting more money and people on it, the elapsed time for all the steps – one after the other – takes that long.  If it’s shorter, you’ve missed some of the steps.”

He explained that when he worked for Pfizer, if a compound, for example, a simple stable crystalline white powder, was nominated for development, “if you’re lucky, we would have been able to dose our first volunteers in a year.  And that was when there was a strong push to go quickly … That’s just getting the first few doses in 10 or 20 volunteers.”

“[For] a complex biological product … [according to Hedley Rees,] even developing the methods for checking all the steps … would take longer than a year – just the methods, validation of the methods,” Dr. Yeadon said.

All medicines, even if they have benefits, have a potential for harm.  If you are a person who might benefit from a medicine then you can weigh up the benefits and the risks. Speaking of the early days when most people, outside specific science circles, were unaware of the potential harms of covid injections, “why would you inject children where the [official] statistics show none of them died from [covid]?” Dr. Yeadon asked.  There was no risk of children getting seriously ill or dying from covid so no potential benefit was to be had from covid “vaccines.” It’s madness to vaccinate children, he said.

For those who believe covid is real, Dr. Yeadon floats another conundrum.  If you’ve had covid and recovered, you will be immune from being infected again. “If that wasn’t true, we’d all be getting everything all the time,” he said. Mothers can also pass their immunity onto their babies through breast milk.

“So, if someone had covid and recovered, traditionally it’s the case that you’d say ‘no, you’re alright, there’s no need for you to have [the vaccine] – in fact, you probably shouldn’t have it,” he said.  “And yet they chased everyone whether they’ve had [covid] or not.”

Lastly, Dr. Yeadon used the example of pregnant women. For the last 60 years, since the thalidomide scandal, the pharmaceutical industry and medical community have never exposed pregnant women to novel medical treatments, he said. “Never.  It’s a red line.  It’s the hardest red line in the medical ethics book.” 

Every doctor knows this, Dr. Yeadon said, and every doctor who encouraged pregnant women to have or injected them with a covid “vaccine” is an “absolute shower” (British slang meaning incompetent, worthless or utterly useless, or to put it simply a “shower of sh*t”).  Dr. Yeadon made a plea to doctors to stop being complicit in criminal activity (see timestamp 33:52).

There have been no tests of reproductive toxicity done for covid injections, not before the covid vaccine rollout nor after.  And yet, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (“RCOG”) lied to the public, Dr. Yeadon said.  “[They] told you it was necessary, and safe and effective.  And I think they should rot in Hades … because they did inject tens of thousands of pregnant women.  It’s so obviously recklessly stupid.  Even if no harm happens, it’s still recklessly stupid.  And I think harm has happened.”

RCOG still urges pregnant women to “book their latest covid booster vaccine” (see image below).

The harm covid injections are causing is intentional, Dr. Yeadon said. “It was known beforehand and designed in.”

“Every synthetic drug contains molecules, atoms, structures or formulations because someone chose them to be in the bottle or tablet.  Every single thing is there because someone has decided to put it in there,” he explained. “And they put it in there to serve a function … Everything is in there for a purpose.” He continued:

“When I look at the design [of the covid “vaccine”], [and with my experience] I’m virtually looking over the shoulder of the designer thinking ‘What was in your mind, what did you intend from these structures and these characteristics?’

“And I came to the conclusion there are multiple, independent and, for people like me, obvious ways to harm people. At least three separate obvious ways of doing it … and they can’t arise by luck because not only is everything in a synthetic medicine there by choice but … people examine these things every which way because the worst thing you want is for your product to fail for a predictable and obvious toxicity.

“If I gave that [covid injection] structure to 10 of my former colleagues … and I showed them that and said, ‘Can you all go off into your separate corners and peruse this molecule and then in a couple of hours come back and tell me [if there are] any points of concern’ … In order to believe this is accidental you’d have to think all 10 of those people would have said, ‘No it’s alright guv, not seen anything’, whereas I think they’d all get at least two of them.”

Further proof that it was intentional is that as soon as things really started going wrong, the government started censoring it “really, really hard.” Dr. Yeadon added.  “And they’re still doing it.”

Anything with mRNA written on it, without exception, is designed to be harmful, he said, so “don’t take any more of these bl**dy jabs.”

Mega factories are being built to mass manufacture these products, Dr. Yeadon warned.  Several countries have already announced that they have already had terms of an agreement to acquire the next injection.  “I’ve looked it up and it’s enough jabs for 10 [injections per person],” he said.

You can watch Dr. Yeadon’s discussion with Geoff Thompson host of Geoff Buys Cars below.  We have embedded it to begin about 10 mins before the end where Dr. Yeadon issues his warning.

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