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Dr. Vernon Coleman: These lies and deceits are leading us remorselessly into The Great Reset

As Dr.

Dr. Vernon Coleman: These lies and deceits are leading us remorselessly into The Great Reset

Vernon Coleman has been saying for three and a half years, nothing is happening by accident. Everything is connected. There are no coincidences.

“We need to be constantly aware that we are under siege and that the stakes in this war are higher than they have ever been in any previous war ever fought. This isn’t a war for territory or a specific commodity such as oil, gold or wheat. This is a war for our freedom, our independence, our individuality and our humanity,” he said.

Dr. Coleman has put together the top 10 biggest lies the conspirators have told in the last three and a half years.

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It is August 2023 and this is video number 328.

It has been clear since the start of this fraud, particularly since the point when the conspirators got really serious and began to deceive and to oppress in great earnest, that everything that is happening is connected. As I’ve been saying for three and a half years, nothing is happening by accident. Everything is connected. There are no coincidences.

We need to be constantly aware that we are under siege and that the stakes in this war are higher than they have ever been in any previous war ever fought. This isn’t a war for territory or a specific commodity such as oil, gold or wheat. This is a war for our freedom, our independence, our individuality and our humanity.

At the beginning of 2020 I was nervous about the words to use to describe what I believed was happening. I confess I thought long and hard before calling my first video Coronavirus – the Hoax of the Century. I feared that people would probably think me paranoid or insane. I chose the word `hoax’ deliberately because that’s what I felt it was.

A few people did think me insane, of course, but more and more people are waking up and we are no longer quite as alone as we were all those months ago. The conspirators and, more importantly, the collaborators – because there are a good many of them – are now clearly the insane ones. They have created a whole dictionary of bizarre terms such as sustainability, diversity, inclusivity and transparency – none of which they understand – as an excuse for their greed, cruelty, ignorance, selfishness and the absurd sense of personal entitlement and mistaken self-righteousness which, they believe, gives them the right to sit down in front of ambulances and fire engines, to disrupt people’s lives and to damage property in their campaigns for a pseudoscience that is built on laughably inept and crooked theories. The insane members of the cult of eco-terrorism which is causing such chaos seem to have forgotten such basic principles of behaviour as respect, dignity and decency. And they are, of course, too ignorant, too prejudiced, too biased and too naïve to realise that they are playing the roles that were designed for them. There were never going to be enough conspirators to take over the world. The collaborators, the half-witted, mask wearing, vaccinated buffoons who have taken part in the revolution of the woke, are, and always have been, just as much to blame for what has happened, and what is happening, as the insane billionaire bankers and globalists.

Because everything that has happened to us has happened in isolation, and it is sometimes difficult to see how it is all connected, I’ve put together a top ten of the biggest lies the conspirators have told in the last three years – and shown how these are connected together in the greatest and most evil fraud in human history. All these lies were designed to encourage compliance and to lead us into the Great Reset.

I’ll begin my top ten at the bottom of the list – with Number Ten.

And Number Ten on my list is the fake pandemic itself – the coronavirus hoax which hit the world in the early months of 2020 and which was, of course, built upon a huge lie. They told us we were all in great danger when we were not but they wanted to frighten us. The truth is that the covid-19 infection which the incompetent mathematicians told us was going to kill millions was no more than the annual flu – and it was a fairly modest version of the flu, at that. Government statistics show that the flu disappeared when covid-19 was supposedly threatening our existence. And the number of genuine deaths from covid-19 was no more than die in some fairly ordinary flu seasons. Moreover, governments knew in March 2020 that the covid infection was officially no worse than the flu. Before all the fuss started, the covid-19 infection had been officially downgraded to the same level of danger as the standard flu. All that is on record. And mortality rates for 2020 and 2021 show that the number of people dying in those years was no higher than in other years. The covid pandemic was a hoax.

Number Nine on my list is the PCR test which was used to make the official figures for covid look far worse than they were. The PCR test, of course, was never intended to be used as a covid-19 test and it was entirely useless for that purpose. Everyone knew that. Or should have known it. Nevertheless, governments everywhere used the PCR test to falsely label million of patients – and millions of deaths – as being covid related. People who died of heart attacks, cancer, muggers, being run over by buses and heaven knows what else were falsely put down as covid victims. Post mortems weren’t done – very conveniently – because the authorities decided that it was too dangerous to perform examinations on patients who had been labelled as dying of the flu. Treatment programmes which were murderous were introduced en masse and effective treatment regimes were banned. The elderly were killed off in their thousands by a kill shot consisting of morphine and a benzodiazepine tranquilliser. I had warned in March 2020 that killing off the elderly was one of the aims of the covid hoax. The other two aims I’d warned about two and half years ago were a plan to introduce compulsory vaccination programmes and a plan to use the alleged pandemic to get rid of cash. The PCR test, misused and misapplied, was always an integral part of making the pandemic seem real: it was a vital part of the lie.

Number Eight on my list are the lockdowns which, we were told, would protect us. A big, big lie. It was, of course, obvious right from the start that the lockdowns wouldn’t do any good but would do a massive amount of harm. Today, so-called experts everywhere are announcing with apparent surprise that shutting people in their homes, isolating care home patients and closing schools caused massive psychological damage. And closing hospital departments (while nurses were busy making TikTok videos) has resulted in a massive increase in illness and deaths – increases which will continue for decades. Children were particularly badly damaged and thousands are now severely depressed and desperately need help they’ll never get. All this was predictable – take a look at the videos I made when the lockdowns were first suggested. The UK Government has instigated a covid inquiry at which doctors and others are giving evidence – which largely seems to consist of excuses. I submitted evidence proving that I warned about all the problems – and proved that the covid scare was a hoax – right at the beginning. Naturally, however, I have not yet been called to give evidence. I worry that the enquiry will be a farce, deliberately designed to avoid the unfortunate fact that anyone who told the truth was silenced and demonised. Incidentally, it is abundantly clear now that politicians and others in public service knew that the lockdowns were quite unnecessary and could sensibly be ignored.

Number Seven on the list are the masks which were introduced and made more or less compulsory everywhere despite clear evidence that wearing masks did far more harm than good. And in addition, discarded masks do far more damage to wildlife and the environment than plastic bags ever did. Predictably, the morons who wore masks terrified children and delayed the development of babies and infants. Moreover, the mask wearers were more likely to develop chest infections. And, yet again proving the fact checkers wrong, it is clear that masks did accelerate the development and return of cancers because of their effect on blood oxygen levels. Forcing people to wear masks was part of the process of forcing populations to be compliant and was, therefore, an addition to the utterly absurd recycling programme which was long ago proved to be utterly wasteful and pointless, as well as expensive, but which is now regarded as a religion by mad and ignorant cultists – those tragic souls who happily sort their rubbish, wash their old yoghurt cartons with valuable water and then close their eyes to the fact that recycling material is mostly burnt or dumped – usually after being transported half way round the world. The recycling programme has done massive damage to the environment.

Number Six on my list of lies is the war – ostensibly between Russia and Ukraine but in reality, of course, between NATO and Russia. The western media deliberately misrepresents the war and suppresses the fact that the war was created to push up energy prices and food prices. The damage done to Europeans was as nothing to the damage done in Africa where hundreds of millions are starving and will die. This is part of the population control programme which the conspirators regard as essential. Biden and chums blew up the Nord Stream pipeline to maximise the damage done to Europe and Africa and also to maximise American profits. This problem hasn’t gone away and next winter is going to see ten or a hundred times as many deaths as were caused by the well marketed flu of 2020 and 2021. The war has helped push up inflation and interest rates, helping to impoverish millions – remember the phrase ‘You will own nothing’- and enrich the billionaire bankers.

Number Five on my shameful list is the lie that the world is overpopulated and short of food. The truth, of course, is that there is plenty of food but much of it is in the wrong place and is wasted. Those EU food mountains should have made it clear long ago that the world has plenty of food. Moreover, the evidence shows clearly that the earth can easily cope with many more billions of people. There is no overcrowding – that is just one of many myths which the evil, greedy globalists find convenient.

Number Four on the list of lies is the covid-19 vaccine – the most toxic pharmaceutical product ever produced, and also the most over-promoted and dangerously over sold. Any doctor or nurse who gave or promoted the covid-19 should be arrested because they broke just about every ethical code in existence. Patients were not properly consulted, side effects were ignored and suppressed and, of course, the so-called vaccines were mass marketed without being properly tested. We are already seeing the awful short term consequences of the mass vaccination programme and I fear that the long-term consequences will be awful beyond imagination. The medical establishment is still maintaining the lie, of course, and many deaths caused by the vaccine are being misdiagnosed and misattributed. Moreover, the fake disease of long covid is, when the symptoms are real, a result of the vaccination programme. I think it is also necessary to point out that it isn’t just the covid-19 vaccine – or so called vaccine – that has does massive amounts of harm. The seemingly unending number of vaccination programmes being promoted both to children and adults are causing massive damage to immune systems and causing many diseases. The medical establishment and the politicians have prohibited the discussion of vaccines and a year or two ago the BBC, a vile propaganda machine, made it clear that they did not intend to interview anyone questioning vaccines ‘whether they were right or wrong’. Their words. I understand why the establishment is terrified: vaccines have never been adequately tested singly or together and so all discussion and debate is banned. The available evidence suggests they should all be banned. In my view, vaccines do more harm than good. But still the lies keep coming.

We are now into my final three lies of the last three years.

Number Three on my list is the abolition of cash and the introduction of digital currencies. Like all the other items in my top ten, the authorities claim that they are getting rid of cash and introducing digital currencies for our benefit. Sadly the masses have accepted the lie that it’s for our benefit and are enthusiastically downloading apps and paying for everything with their cards, their smart phones, their daft watches and their implants. Abolishing cash will enable the authorities to control everything we do. They can and will decide what we spend our money on and how much money we can save. And if we misbehave they will simply turn off our money supply until we either do behave or we die.

Number Two is the introduction of social credit – what I have called the nightmare on your street –and the digitalisation of every aspect of our lives. These go hand in hand, of course, and neither would be possible without the internet – the most dangerous and awful invention in human history – far worse and far more deadly than the nuclear bomb or the cigarette. Apps are being introduced to help the enemy control everything we do and we must be forever vigilant and cautious about accepting or using new technology. (I have to use the internet to share my videos and articles because I am banned from everywhere else.) And we should avoid smart phones – which are the enemy’s main weapon. As usual, they claim that social credit and digitalisation are being introduced for our benefit. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Number One is the biggest lie of all – man made climate change. There is no controversy about climate change because there was no climate change until malicious, hare brained idiots started spraying powders into the atmosphere to block out the sun and change the weather.

Climate change is a myth created by evil people and perpetuated by bought and paid for media whores – including the entire staff of the world’s most crooked propaganda organisation – the BBC. Climate change is a fraud and net zero is a weapon which is being used to control and destroy. All the scientific evidence proves that there has been no dangerous change in the weather. All of it. The so-called evidence produced by the media consists of lies and super lies – based on pseudoscience. Climate change has become a cult, carefully managed and controlled in order to deceive and to oppress. Please watch ‘The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal – Part 28, Climate Crisis’ on Bitchute. It’s packed with all the evidence you need. And read Greta’s Homework by Zina Cohen which is entertaining as well as educational.

There is only word to describe climate change and net zero: criminal. And the people who promote it, and sell this huge lie, are all criminals. They’re rabid racists too, mean and nasty and selfish because they are deliberately trying to keep Africa back in the dark ages. Denying developing countries the chance to progress with fossil fuels is beyond wicked.

There have been other lies and deceits but the ten I’ve selected are the ones which are leading us remorselessly into the Great Reset.

The entire establishment is committed to these lies. Anyone who disagrees with the conspirators’ lies, or exposes them in any way, is labelled as discredited, dangerous and a conspiracy theorist and denied access to the media. None of what is happening would have been possible without the cooperation of the mainstream media and the internet companies. The suppression of the truth and the demonization of honest doctors and scientists have been vicious and never ending.

I’ve been banned from all mainstream media and most of the internet for many years. The removal of free speech was a deliberate, cold blooded policy which originated with and is managed by the security services – the CIA, GCHQ and others – which have almost total control of corrupt organisations such as Google, YouTube and Wikipedia.

And the proof of their deceit is that the conspirators and the collaborators will never debate these issues. I have for years offered to debate these topics, live on television, with the chief protagonists and promoters of these lies. But they steadfastly refuse to debate because they are frightened that they will be humiliated and their lies will be exposed. We should repeat the challenge endlessly because it proves that everything they say is a lie and a wider public will recognise that since we will debate and they will not then we must be right and they must be hiding something.

If you want to know more about any of this please look at my books: Coming ApocalypseEndgame, `Social Credit – Nightmare on your street and They want your money and your life. They’re all listed in the books sections of my websites.

My latest book Their Terrifying Plan provides an overview and explains why, how, when and who is responsible for what is happening to us. I’ve traced the Great Reset back to its roots and the book contains some real surprises and some genuine shocks. For the record, every penny I receive in royalties is spent on buying copies to distribute to politicians and editors.

Please share this video on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else you can think of. Try it on YouTube to see if they’re awake. Remember I’m banned from all social media, and have been since the start of this fraud. And yet the big players allow fake channels in my name – and won’t take them down.

Thank you for watching an old man in a chair. Please remember that although it may seem like it, you’re not alone. More and more people are waking up and once awake they don’t go back to sleep.

Distrust the government, avoid mass media and fight the lies. Please share this video with everyone you know. You can find my articles on and on If one doesn’t seem to work, just try the other.

Thank you for watching an old man in a chair. And remember – we have God on our side.

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