Enjoy This Free Conscious Breathing Course To Bring Peace & Heightened Immunity
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Enjoy This Free Conscious Breathing Course To Bring Peace & Heightened Immunity

Enjoy This Free Conscious Breathing Course To Bring Peace & Heightened Immunity

Enjoy this free conscious breathing program and learn breathing exercises to boost immunity, find peace, improve sleep, improve digestion and more! Perhaps it's time to move away from coronavirus panic and hold a collective state of peace through simple breathing exercises we can do easily. Back in January 2020 I released my 10 day Conscious Breathing program to our member’s platform called CETV.

The program was enjoyed by a few thousand people and the feedback was inspiring and powerful. People were seeing a big difference in their overall state of being, mood, energy and sleep. Breathing exercises are powerful in bringing peace and calm to our minds, bodies and states of being because they help bring us back to presence and physiological states of calm. This happens because some breathing techniques actually shifts your nervous system from being overly sympathetic back into parasympathetic. Our nervous system is designed to move fluidly and freely between the sympathetic and parasympathetic states as each system plays an important role in our daily lives. However, given modern lifestyles, especially when we are in times of stress, we can get ‘stuck’ in sympathetic mode and this begins to have negative effects on our health, well being and immunity. I felt like relieving stress, worry and getting people back into parasympathetic mode at this time of coronavirus panic would be helpful, so I decided to make my course free for everyone, no strings attached. Literally click the link and enjoy.

The breathing exercises in this program are very simple to do and have benefits far beyond calming our minds down.

These breathing exercises can help you release stress, activate heart coherence, improve digestion, sleep better and improve immunity. So enjoy the program, and here is to inspiring governments to be more on the ball with offering these sorts of practices to people. Click here to get access to my Conscious Breathing program. If you get something out of this challenge and wish to support our work, please consider becoming a member of CETV here. Members also get access to our members-only discussion platform called CE Connect. If you wish to enjoy the course without any payment, that is 100% fine as I see simply engaging with these practices as helping achieve my overall desire of helping to make the world a more peaceful place. Due to the pressure of mass censorship, we now have our own censorship-free, and ad-free on demand streaming network! You can stream conscious media 24/7 and enjoy mind-expanding interviews, original shows, and documentaries and guided programs. Click here to start a FREE 7-Day Trial and watch 100's of hours of conscious media that you won't see anyw.

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