Escape The Debt Trap – Why Tiny Homes Are So Important

The Federal Reserve Bank’s decision to keep interest rates at zero signifies that there is no real economic recovery in sight, despite the rhetoric and gas bagging by politicians, economists, and financial pundits. If the economy was ticking along and everything was going so well then why didn’t interest rates go up? Simply because if the Fed did put interest rates up even 0.25%, then it might be just enough to prick the biggest economic bubble in history. So better to err on the side of caution and ‘kick the can’ down the road and continue the charade, hoping things will magically rectify themselves. In support of the weak economic conditions the latest data coming out of the Population Reference Bureau in Washington shows that around 15.1% of 25 to 34 year olds are currently living with their parents. This represents a fourth straight annual increase, the highest since at least 1960, according to demographer Mark Mather, associate vice president with PRB.(1) This data suggests that young adults are facing financial challenges, hence many are forced to do what they can to keep costs down and live with their parents for ever longer periods. As with all ‘official figures,’ this statistic is most likely understated, as high student debts, economic hardship, high unemployment, and rising living costs are adding to this disenfranchised demographic. Not that living with your parents is the end of the world, it can have its benefits. While hanging out with your folks can be great, it is always good to have your own space and privacy, regardless of how well you get along. Bryce Langston is one man who has taken it upon himself to break free of the debt trap and turn his passion and interest into a lifestyle. This gives him the freedom and flexibility to live his dreams. Being a creative person, Bryce, like many people these days, has never had a job which has had a guaranted regular income. After falling in love when seeing a tiny house on wheels Bryce has made it his mission to share with others his passion and enthusiasm for simple living.

The more he looked, the more he found. Bryce has researched and filmed some amazing tiny homes with the transforming castle truck video going viral and receiving over 6 million views on YouTube and other sites.

The following quotes from Bryce Langston, founder and creator of Living Big in a Tiny Home, give insight into why he feels the tiny house movement is so important for everyone to become involved in. “Tiny Homes are important because they offer an alternative to the cycle of debt.

They can provide people with secure housing, without the compromise of life-long mortgage debt, or on-going rent payments.” “I believe that our current housing models, along with the government and economic policies that have created this paradigm are an affront to basic human decency. I don’t think that it should be a life-long struggle to maintain a roof over your head. “ “We live in a society which encourages us to purchase more and more, and validate ourselves through our material possessions. Not only is this unhealthy for ourselves, it’s also unsustainable for the planet. Living in Tiny Homes helps us to moderate our consumption, and that can only be beneficial for the earth.” “First and foremost, I love having a magical and serene space that I can call my own. Everything in my home is designed to cater to my personal needs and I was able to be uncompromising and design a space just the way that I like it. Because the space is small, it’s very easy to manage, requires next to no maintenance, and most importantly is incredibly homely and cosy.” “Through my adventures in alternative living, I have also met many wonderful people who I am proud to call my friends. I now live amongst a community of individuals who are searching for more sustainable and more humane ways of living on the planet and that is very exciting for me.” “If you ask people what is most important to them in life, a good deal of those people will say freedom. Yet, how free can we really be when we are burdened by large amounts of debt? Regardless of whether that debt is from student loans, housing, or drug debts to the mafia, we eventually become slaves to that debt and end up compromising the quality of our lives.” (2) Article by Andrew Martin, author of Rethink...Your world, Your future. and One ~ A Survival Guide for the Future... Sources: excerpts from Rethink...Your world, Your future. (1) (2) Personal correspondence with Bryce Langston at Living Big in a Tiny Home .

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