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Fact-Checkers Sued By CHD

Children's Health Defense have filed a lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Inc and three different "fact-checkers" for censoring information CHD shares.

Fact-Checkers Sued By CHD

Below is a recent press conference from the organization providing more information. Is it time to question our perceptions given the fact may have been shaped by false information coming from the mainstream media and fact checkers? What Happened: Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is a non-profit watchdog group founded by Robert F. Kennedy Jr that tackles corruption in federal agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The organization also exposes wrongdoings in the Pharmaceutical and Telecom industries.

Their latest move has been to sue Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Inc and three different “fact-checkers” as well as a number of individuals for government sponsored censorship of information. We recently wrote about this here, and the article did quite well so we thought we would follow up and present this press conference (below) from CHD that was uploaded to their YouTube channel a few days ago. If you want more information you can refer back to the article I just referenced. Why This Is Important: Facebook/social media censorship has been a common theme for nearly five years now, and it’s come to the point where they are forcing the hand of independent organizations who have been immorally, unethically and illegally harassed by independent “fact-checkers” to take such action. Despite the fact that we (CE) haven’t put out any false information, when communicating with some of these fact checkers, it’s clearly not about actual facts but more so censoring information that threatens big corporate and elitist interests. Perhaps this is where some of these fact-checkers receive their funding from? Who knows, but it’s extremely difficult dealing with, and not only have they censored us they are censoring research, information and opinions coming from a number of doctors and scientists simply because their narrative opposes that of organizations like the WHO. Many times we’ve been forced to bend to the will of the fact-checker even though we strongly disagree, given the fact that they hold all of the power and control when it comes to the reach and distribution of our Facebook page and other platforms. It’s not a good feeling, and we completely understand what CHD has gone through and we are happy to see the action they are taking. We’d love to do the same, but unfortunately we do not have access to such funds, which is also a result of massive amounts censorship.

The Press Conference: Below is the most recent press conference regarding the lawsuit from the CHD. At the beginning you will see attorney Marry Holland, she is now the legal counsel for CHD. Holland has been a professor on the faculties of Columbia Law School and the New York University School of Law for the past eighteen years. She taught courses on human rights and recently retired as the Director of the NYU Graduate Lawyering Program. You will also here from Dr. Elizabeth Mumper, another involved in the lawsuit. She is President and CEO of The RIMLAND Center, Dr. She attended the Medical College of Virginia, did residency training at the University of Massachusetts and University of Virginia, and was invited to serve as Chief Resident of Pediatrics at UVA. Last but not least you will hear from CHD founder Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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