Famous Vegetarians & Vegans

Every day it seems that more and more people are changing their lifestyles to adopt either a vegetarian or vegan diet.

For some the transition happens quickly, and for others (such as myself) its a gradual process. In fact its a process I’m still in the middle of. It began with cutting out red meat, then cutting out poultry, to now gradually cutting out fish. And I know personally I’m not doing this to adapt to some label or make myself come across a certain way to people, I’m doing it because it seems to be where my body is guiding me. At times the body guidance would be as apparent as a severe stomach ache, but in many cases it was just an observation of the difference in experience. I couldn’t help but find myself comparing how I would feel both physically and functionally after eating a fully vegetarian or vegan meal in comparison to one featuring even one of my favorite meat-based dishes. And trust me I definitely wasn’t making these changes out of state of judgement towards meat, I actually did it from a state of partial skepticism. I honestly never thought I’d be involved in a diet that didn’t include Jack Astor’s spiced up chicken fingers. Nonetheless, here I am today on the road towards a lifestyle that I once criticized growing up in a household where both my sister and father were vegetarians or vegans, or in the eyes of me as a child/teenager ‘weirdos.’ And it appears that a simple google search shows me that I might just be in good company. According to the HappyCow there are over 600 living celebrities (619 to be exact if my counting skills served me well) that are practicing a vegetarian or vegan diet, with 190 of those 619 being vegan. Some notable names that stood out for me include: You can check out the full list at the following link: http://www.happycow.net/famous_vegetarians.html Wikipedia also re-states and even adds to that list at the following link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_vegans Whether or not these lists are 100% accurate it kind of leads me to observe a number of things: (1) How mainstream this lifestyle has truly become. I remember my dad always telling me that aside from fruits and vegetables in the grocery store, finding a vegetarian or vegan dish in a restaurant was pretty well unheard of both growing up and even in the not so distant past. Yet today, even most steakhouses seem to at least serve a veggie burger option. (2) With this many people transitioning towards it, are we even designed to eat meat? Several of our previous articles look further into a lot this, and our 2nd documentary explores even deeper not only being vegan but even us as being naturally designed fruitarians, and even holding the capability to nourish ourselves through sungazing. Whether or not we are at that point right now, its definitely worth checking out and becoming open towards and aware of. (3) With so many celebrities being vegetarian or vegan, does their position of so-called “higher status” give them a bit more accessibility towards some of what goes on behind the scenes of why meat-based diets are so promoted and thrust upon us? Whether you are a full-on vegan, you still happily eat meat or are in any stage between these, its important we first remove the judgement we may have towards either side of the spectrum. It’s only in removing the judgement that we will be able to truly hear and feel what our body has to say to us, rather then just our mind stating how crazy, stupid or impossible the other may be. Truly feel out what feels best for your body, not just what initially satisfies your taste buds or fills your programmed to eat a certain amount to feel satisfied stomach. If the answer you receive still involves meat, great, I won’t judge you and nobody else should either, at least you are now more aware of how your body processes food, and are open to guiding you in any direction it may. If the answer is to cut certain things out, cool, you are definitely not alone. Some of our previous articles relating to this subject: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2011/12/16/the-protein-myth-eat-your-meat/ http://www.collective-evolution.com/2012/04/11/you-dont-eat-meat-how-do-you-get-your-protein-pumpkin-seeds-versus-beef/ Our 2nd documentary, The Collective Evolution II: The Human Experience The demand for Collective Evolution's content is bigger than ever, except ad agencies and social media keep cutting our revenues. This is making it hard for us to continue. In order to stay truly independent, we need your help. We are not going to put up paywalls on this website, as we want to get our info out far and wide. .

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