Feeling Hopeless? Get “Unstuck” With This Powerful Tool

Einstein couldn’t have put it better when he said, “Imagination is everything.It is a preview of life’s coming attractions.” We know children imagine.

. We give them the free space and permission to invent stories, paint fantastic pictures, and have invisible friends.

There’s a point, not many years into life, where we begin to discourage these imaginings. We ask children to focus on math and science and logical studies. We label stories as “lies,” we tell them their picture painting is only a hobby and not a “real” job, and we worry if they still have invisible friends after a certain age. Why stop fostering the growth of children’s imagination? Because we forget the power of an imaginative mind. Children use their imaginations deliberately. Adults imagine unconsciously. Did you realize that when you think about tonight’s dinner at your in-law’s you are using your imagination? When you think about the conversation you’ll have with your boss on Monday you’re also imagining. In short, you are using your imagination whenever you create a “story” in your mind about a particular person or situation. Why is this relevant? Because your imagination houses immense creative power. Your physical experience responds to this power. Imagine a slice of rich, chocolate cake. Imagine taking a bite out of it – it’s moist, sweet, and satisfying. Did you salivate? Did your stomach growl? Did you feel excited? Or guilty? How did your body respond? Now think of a loved one. Go with the first one that comes to mind. Imagine hugging them for ten seconds. Take a few breaths while you imagine it. What do you feel like? Did you relax? Did you smile? What changes do you feel? It is estimated that we can have as many as 70,000 thoughts a day. If every single thought carries a charge that affects the physical body, then wouldn’t it be in our best interest to use that incredible brain power to improve our daily life? If every thought is a “story” (because all of our thoughts are either about our feelings about the past or something that we believe will happen), then why not create stories that make us feel good? This doesn’t mean escaping your reality by dreaming. This means shaping your reality through imagination – there’s a difference between the two. When you’re using imagination as an escape, you think about or meditate on what you want to see but take no action. When you use your imagination to shape your reality, you imagine the best possible outcome and then take an appropriate action to make it happen. To manifest a change in your life, you must first create an intention (using your imagination) and then follow it with a supporting action. This is a process that we do every day whether we realize it or not. We visualize an outcome we expect to see (positive or negative), then take the appropriate steps to make it happen. In order for you to make a cake, you need to first have the idea to make that cake.

Then you imagine the flavour you would like it to have, and all of the ingredients and tools you will need in order for it to materialize. After you have the well-formed idea in your mind, you go to the store to purchase all of the ingredients you need, come home, put it all together, bake it, and finally, you get to eat the cake. This is the basic manifesting process: idea followed by action.

There are a lot of us that get stuck somewhere in the process and feel hopeless and eventually give up. If your manifesting process is not working it’s because you’re “stuck” in the imagination or in the action portion. Remember, in order to create change, you must first have a clear idea of what you want to create before you can take any action steps. Your mind is a blank canvas. You get to choose the picture you will paint. Allow yourself to imagine as a child would, fearlessly, deliberately, and freely. What is the BEST possible outcome? What would an incredibly rewarding life look like to you? What would you LOVE to spend your days doing? Then take the necessary steps to make that happen. Do you ever feel like you’re looking everywhere for the answers? Do you feel anxious and uncertain when you think about what you’re meant to do in this world? Do you wish someone could teach you HOW to discover your soul purpose for yourself? I’ve helped over 2.5 million spiritual seekers develop their intuition and discover their soul purpose. If you’re interested in getting FREE spiritual seeker content and weekly angel readings delivered straight to your inbox, click here. Thanks for reading! .

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