Feeling Stressed? Video Proof That Kitten Therapy May Just Be The Answer

From the pressures of doing well in school to the challenges of working in our jobs and the trials and tribulations of raising a family, we are all more than a little familiar with stress.

While some of us may feel the heat more strongly than others, stress has nevertheless become an accepted standard of modern life. To help combat the pandemic, many of us turn to tools such as meditation, therapy, or, in more cases than I’d like to see, pharmaceuticals and alcohol. But what if there were a much healthier (and cuter) option? Well, thanks to a recent innovation by litter box company Tidy Cats, there is. Deep in the heart of Los Angeles, one of the busiest cities in North America, they constructed a glass box on a piece of grass, inviting people to step inside for a free therapy session. Upon entry, participants were given a pair of headphones and told to sit on the ground with their eyes closed. After a couple of minutes of guided meditation they were then instructed to open their eyes and let the true therapy begin: As overwhelming as stress can be, managing it is not as tiresome or expensive as we might think.

There are a multitude of both accessible and affordable relaxation tools available to us in this world — we have only to take advantage of them. While I’m not suggesting that we all hit up our local animal shelter to adopt a kitten (although that would be pretty awesome), I am suggesting that we take advantage of the little things in life. Things such as quality time with a loved one, a walk outdoors, or even time spent with an animal can be quite powerful remedies, distracting us from our worries and reminding us that, in the grand scheme of things, our issues are probably not as huge or important as we’ve made them out to be. Back in high school and university, I would often take things far too seriously, stressing out much more than I needed to in fear of not passing an upcoming calculus or English exam. Thankfully, even back then I had the understanding to take a walk outside whenever I felt overwhelmed. On certain days I would end up taking 5-6 walking breaks, which may sound counterproductive, but it in fact helped to make my study time that much more focused. Now as an adult, my sources of stress have changed, but I still regularly turn to time outdoors or quality time with my girlfriend or niece to remind me of the wonderful things in life. I’m a firm believer that stress is only as big as we choose to make it. Everybody in this world can very easily become stressed out by a number of factors in their life, but not all of us choose to do something about it. Let this video serve as a reminder that the next time you feel stressed out, before you overreact or become consumed by the feeling, seek out a healthy source of relief; doing so may just be the key to not only conquering stress, but also keeping you away from some of the unhealthy ways of subduing it. .

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