Finally, An Honest University Commercial!
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Finally, An Honest University Commercial!

Here’s what I think about the education system in general (I say general because I know it can vary per country).
Finally, An Honest University Commercial!

What could potentially be a system that would allow the unique talents and skills of every human being to flourish seems to have been reduced to a factory-like place in which conformity, memorization, repetition, competition and test scores are the highlights. It is actually considered normal to dislike learning, which I personally don’t find normal at all. Most children now associate learning with stress and/or boredom, instead of curiosity, passion and the desire to expand in knowledge and creativity. Is this really how “education” is supposed to be like? Are we learning all that we could learn in school? Are we discovering all that the world has to offer—and more importantly all that we as unique individuals have to offer to the world? Or are we mostly being taught how to conform to a specific system and regurgitate information with little to no further thought? One thing is certain: the priority of the education system isn’t to have us question the way our world works, nor is it to encourage us to dig deeply within ourselves and find what matters to us. We are instead taught how the world works and encouraged to simply follow along because in the end, we need to “earn” a living right? “Earning a living” is a concept that has always boggled my mind, we need to earn our right to be alive on our home planet? I could keep going but hey, if you resonate with these “extreme” views feel free to check out my free eBook advertised at the bottom of the video. “I suppose it is because nearly all children go to school nowadays, and have things arranged for them, that they seem so forlornly unable to produce their own ideas.” – Agatha Christie ANYWAYS – I’ve been following this popular Youtuber (Nigahiga) on and off for a few years and was pleasantly surprised to find a parody he and his team made of university commercials, which depicts this whole madness in a very entertaining way. Enjoy the video, it’s pretty awesome