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Full Moon In Aries: Stirring Wounds & Wholistic Perception

We are having a Full Moon in Aries on October 1st/2nd, it will appear the fullest on night of the 1st throughout the world.

Full Moon In Aries: Stirring Wounds & Wholistic Perception

This is the peak of the Lunar cycle that began with a New Moon in Virgo on September 17th, as some of the themes of that lunation are still in effect.

The energies of a Full Moon are strongest in the days surrounding it yet its astrological configurations also play a part over the following two weeks. You may start to see its themes slowly build up after the New Moon prior. Get yours today before it runs out. Click here to learn more. Full Moons are a period in which we feel a push-pull between two opposing signs, in this case being the Moon in Aries and the Sun in Libra. It can play out as either a conflict, an integration, or some sort of dynamic playing out between the energies of both signs.

The Moon reflects the expression of feeling and emotion while the Sun reflects the expression of ego and conscious self. We may feel this opposition happening individually within us and/or we can also experience it play out around us with some people (or circumstances) expressing the Aries side and others expressing the Libra side. In some cases, Full Moons can also reflect/trigger some sort of change or release. Libra season began on September 22nd/23rd and will last until October 22nd/23rd when the Sun goes into Scorpio. Libra is a relationship oriented and intellectual Air sign ruled by Venus. It is associated with cooperation, diplomacy, fairness, justice, relating, balance, equality, peace, harmony, aesthetics, art, codependence, consideration of others, and finding common ground. Libra is compromising, sociable, creative, charming, communicative, and is about weighing out different sides as it is symbolized by the scales. Negatively, it can be indecisive, impractical, insincere, superficial, vain, overly judgmental, passive aggressive, and people pleasing.

The Full Moon highlights and brings the energies of the opposing sign of Aries into this Libra backdrop. Aries is a self oriented and energetic Fire sign ruled by Mars. It is associated with independence, individual needs, leading, pioneering, and taking charge. Aries is assertive, courageous, initiating, instinctual, direct, quick, and bold. Negatively, it can be too aggressive, impulsive, impatient, selfish, hot-tempered, combative, brash, restless, overly competitive, and inconsiderate.

The Full Moon is in a close conjunction to Chiron. This period may highlight anything connected to our wounds, blockages, pains, negative patterns, traumas, and/or it may also bring up our gifts in relation to those. Chiron is associated with healing, wholeness, cleansing, spiritual growth, gifted abilities, innovative solutions/ideas, shamanism, self-awareness, discovery, teaching, and indigenous people/issues. Chiron is ‘bridging’ and holistically oriented; bringing together physical and spiritual sides/components but also bridging other things together that are usually fragmented or separate from each other.

The opposition between Libra and Aries energies may play out in a way that pertains to Chiron issues and themes.

The ruler of Aries, Mars, has been retrograde since September 9th/10th and is also in its own sign of Aries. It will last until November 13th with the post-retrograde shadow period ending in early January. This is a period that ultimately can help to facilitate adjustments in how we apply ourselves in certain areas of our lives (depending on our individual birth charts) and this Full Moon can trigger that theme. I recommended reading my Mars Retrograde article here to learn more about it and its potentials. With both Mars Retrograde and Chiron being in Aries, we are collectively experiencing these processes around matters and expressions related to this sign (mentioned in above section). Chiron began this stay in Aries in 2018 and will be there until 2027 which is a long period and therefore this energy is in the backdrop during these years. However, generally and collectively it is more noticeable when it is triggered by other planets and lunations such as this Full Moon and Mars retrograde. Pluto goes stationary direct on October 4th/5th after being retrograde since late April. As a planet changes motion, and in the weeks before and after, its general energies can be a lot stronger. Pluto represents power, regeneration, and purging. Its energy is deep, transformative, evolutionary, sexual, intense, and obsessive. It is also associated with abuse, destruction, the underworld, subversion, compulsive behavior, control, manipulation, jealousy, domination, shadows, darkness, death, fear, and viruses. As Pluto begins to move forward, we can experience some shifts and developments connected to these themes. However, with Mars retrograde in a square, it is also possible that there can be conflicts connected to these developments, potential power struggles, or the experiencing of strong Plutonian action (mentioned in above paragraph).

The Mars retrograde process that is affecting how we apply ourselves will be partially connected to these Pluto energies which will manifest more strongly during this square which is peaking from October 7th-11th. Mercury is slowing down to go retrograde on October 13th/14th, primarily in Scorpio yet also partially in Libra. It entered its pre-retrograde shadow period on September 23rd/24th, just over a week prior to this Full Moon, and therefore the themes of this retrograde have already begun to be seeded from that day forward. We may already begin to experience some of the common complications associated with Mercury Retrograde, especially around October 6th-8th when it opposes Uranus. Some of the developments and issues that are currently playing out will go through an adjustment process, shift in perspective, or further revealing, over the next month and half during the retrograde and in the post retrograde shadow in November. I will be writing a separate article on this, you can join my mailing list here to ensure that you receive it when it is published. Mercury will begin its retrograde on the same day as the halfway point and peak of Mars Retrograde, when Mars opposes the Sun on October 13th/14th. At this time, and in the days surrounding those dates, the potentials of frustrations, conflicts, and fights will be higher. However, there are also some other nice aspects happening then which can be beneficial for certain relationships, spirituality, as well as idealistic and compassionate matters, so it will be a mix of energy. Saturn ended its retrograde on September 28th/29th as it is now stationary and slowly beginning to move forward again. At this time and over the coming weeks, we can experience some sort of shift, or change in gears, that can take things into a different direction regarding Saturnian themes and energies which also depends on how this energy is configured with our individual birth charts. Issues or developments pertaining to responsibilities, discipline, realism, commitment, conservation, boundaries, caution, limitations, ambition, contractiveness, may come up strongly while Saturn is stationary. It is finishing up a square with Mars as it begins to move forward which could reflect conflicts pertaining to these Saturn themes, and/or obstacles with Mars expressions of anger, aggression, fighting, brashness, sex, competiveness, and how we assert ourselves. Jupiter in Capricorn will be in its final of three sextiles to Neptune in Pisces this year. This began in the second half of February when the first one occurred, and then again in mid-summer. This final sextile will play out between October 2nd – 19th but will peak from the 9th-14th. For some people, there may be a connection between these three periods pertaining to this energy. Considering all of the other challenging and hard (yet potentially evolutionary) astrological configurations this month, this one is more pleasant and will be in the mix of everything else going on. Jupiter can have a supportive and broadening effect on Neptune/Piscean energies and themes. It can be expansive, explorative, educational, philosophical, and ambitious in a creative, artistic, spiritual, mystical, idealistic, or compassionate way. With Jupiter being in the Earth sign of Capricorn, many people can experience this around ambitions, career, business, or practical matters. This energy can also be good for visual media efforts. Capricorn can help bring groundedness, practicality, and realism to this idealistic combination of these planets. What has been coming up for you in recent weeks regarding how you apply yourself in your actions or how you assert your personal needs? Are there issues pertaining to anger or aggression that you need to address? Are you experiencing changes in perception and/or application of self-identity? Does your self-expression lack consideration of areas of life or people that may be impacted negatively by your actions? Do you need to be more diplomatic and considerate or should you be more bold and courageous? Has anything come up for you in recent days that need healing or a whole-istic approach? Are any pains or wounds being triggered and what would be the best course of action? What are your relations with others showing you? What area of your life is calling for wholeness or unity? Are there any aspects of your life that are causing problems for other areas of your life that may not seem connected on the surface? What are the core issues and roots of any challenges coming up at this time? Are you overly one-sided or narrowly perceptive? If so, do you need to look at the whole situation to help you connect the dots and/or figure out solutions? These are just some examples of themes that could come up during this period; however, there may be other variations of this energy playing out as well. If you wish to do any sort of intentional release connected to what has come up at this Full Moon, it is best to do so anytime over the two weeks following when it is waning.

The exact moment of this Full Moon is at 9:05pm Universal Time on October 1st. You can click here to see what that is in your time zone. , FACEBOOK, and YOUTUBE for more astrology-related content. — I’m currently doing a DISCOUNT with 20-30% off personal readings. Gain more astrological insight into what is going on in your life and have a better understanding of your individual potentials. Get a personalized astrology reading with Carmen (author of this article) specific to you based on your exact birth date, time, and location. Click here for the discounted rate. Get inside access to Stream content 24/7 and enjoy mind-expanding interviews, original shows, documentaries and guided programs. Click here to start a FREE 7-Day Trial and help conscious media thrive!.

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