Full Moon In Capricorn: Intensity and Evolution

We are having a Full Moon in Capricorn on either July 8th/9th, depending on your location..

The astrological energies of the Full Moon can start to become noticeable in the days leading up to it and will remain fairly strong in the days following.

The planetary configuration at this time also influences the following two weeks, until the next Moon cycle begins. Full Moons are the most emotionally charged time of the month. With the Sun being in Cancer, this Moon brings out the opposing polarity of Capricorn, and we may feel the energies of each sign either collaborating or challenging each other.

The Sun is masculine, which represents our ego needs/impulses, and the Moon is feminine, representing emotional needs/impulses. This polarity can play out in different ways, as we can feel it within ourselves as well as experience it influencing our relationships and the world around us. However, it can sometimes be hard to tell if each side of it is coming from a place of ego or emotion, especially this time around with the Sun in Cancer.

The Sun has been in Cancer of the tropical zodiac since the solstice on June 21st, when the Sun’s rays directly aligned with the the Tropic of Cancer on our planet. During this current astrological month, there may be an extra emphasis on family, domestic life, self-care, emotional sensitivity, and bonding with others. Cancer is also about nurturing, vulnerability, comforts, and security. While Cancer is more domestic, Capricorn is more of a worldly sign. It is about our ambitions, management, structure, discipline, and responsibilities. It is pragmatic, realistic, conservative, and determined. Capricorn takes steps toward masterful achievement, which is symbolized by the goat that steadily and cautiously climbs the steep mountain. Pluto is very close to this Full Moon and Mars is close to the Sun, which can add some intensity and give it a Scorpio flavour. In a positive light, Pluto is a powerful force and can be empowering, transformative, and regenerating, and can help us to purge what is not serving us. It can also trigger fears, but also help us move beyond them. Hidden matters and deep urges can also surface and some people may even notice obsessive tendencies. Manipulation and power struggles can manifest, and when combined with Capricorn, this sign can be controlling and dominating. Mars aligned with the Sun in Cancer can be passionate as well as make us assertive about emotional attachments and comforts. In some cases it can even facilitate conflict in relation to them, and it can be protective of these things as well as loved ones. Like Pluto, Mars in Cancer can also be be manipulative, but usually in either a protective or defensive way, and in some cases when one is seeking nurturing or connection with others. Chiron is known as the “Wounded Healer” and recently went retrograde on July 1st, a period that will last until December 5th.

The weeks leading up to the retrograde and following are generally when we notice its effects the most, as it is stationary and changing motion. It is classified as a minor planet, being actually a comet nucleus caught in an irregular orbit between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron’s influence here can be more subtle for some but strong for others, depending on how it is influencing your natal chart (based on your exact birth date and time). Generally this is a time to reflect on your personal challenges, wounds, blockages, restrictions, negative patterns, and fears that have come up for you in the last four months and maybe have been more noticeable in recent weeks. Considering that it is in a loose square aspect with Saturn, perhaps you need to consider getting real and/or more attentive around these challenges. Understand the root of them to help you transcend and unlock more of your gifts and who you truly are. If you are a healer or teacher of some sort, this can be a time for reflecting on how you share your gifts with others. Chiron is also associated with all things holistic. It is known as the bridge between the physical and spiritual, but it can also serve as a barrier before being unlocked. Chiron can be a bridge in other ways as well, as it can combine and synthesize two different worlds. When we become more self-aware, heal, own, or even transcend our blockages, we unlock a doorway into an untapped component of our higher self. For some, the energies of this Full Moon can help to facilitate a major step in personal evolution. This is a time to consider what the universe is trying to show you to help you transform, purge, and be empowered. Any conflicts, challenges, or even opportunities that arise at this time can be directly related to that notion. As Capricorn is an ambitious Cardinal sign, this can also be about initiating some sort of action to help you achieve something and moving beyond any fears getting in the way of that. If you decide to use this energy for any type of conscious release, it is best to start that when the Moon starts to wane, which is right after the peak of the Full Moon, and even over the following two weeks. If you are a health enthusiast or otherwise into cleansing and detoxing, the next few weeks can be a good time to begin a detoxification regimen targeted at releasing harmful calcium deposits and buildup which is one of the primary culprits of accelerated aging and degeneration. This Full Moon will peak at its totality exactly at 4:07am Universal Time. You can click here to find out when that is in your time zone. — FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM for more astrology related content. Have you ever had an astrology reading based on your specific birth time? Get a detailed personalized reading based on your exact birth date, time, and location. Click here for more information. .

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