Full Moon In Pisces: Finding Serenity

There will be a Full Moon in Pisces on September 6th but appearing at its fullest as it builds up on the night of September 5th.

This is the peak of the lunar cycle that was initiated by a powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo (August 21st), and it’s occurring less than a day after Mercury went stationary direct following a three-week retrograde period. This has been a time of changes, insights, adjustments, and setting ourselves up for new beginnings that will develop over the coming weeks and months. This first week of September, in which the Full Moon is occurring, is especially insightful and developmental when it comes to how we are to proceed forward. However, although we may have some increased clarity and forward momentum, there will still be some confusion around details until we start the next Moon cycle on September 20th. Overall, there has been a major emphasis on the Leo and Virgo energies, as things transition more towards Virgo now. Mars joined the Sun in Virgo a day before this Full Moon and Mercury will return to this sign on September 9th/10th. Overall, this is a time for getting things done and taking action. For some people, this could also be about making your life more efficient, organized, and productive, as well as cleaner, purer, and healthier. Our Virgoan efforts may possibly be connected to the changes that are occurring as a result of both recent eclipses and Mercury retrograde. Due to the recent Total Solar Eclipse, there is a push toward expressing the Leo energies in new ways, which will occur in whatever area of your life it is activating based on your personal astrological blueprint. This could have to do with how we express our creativity, authenticity, leadership, love, heart-centeredness, or playfulness, or could even be related to children. Uranus is also strongly influencing this period while in a tight trine with stationary Mercury, as it was during the recent solar eclipse as well. This energy can bring surprises, excitement, breakthroughs, innovation, freedom, or some sort of newer authentic expression. Whenever there is a Full Moon, we experience an opposition and/or potential integration of two polarities. In this case, it is the Sun in Virgo opposing the Moon in Pisces. As mentioned above, there is currently a strong Virgo emphasis; however, during the period around this Full Moon, the Piscean side gets highlighted.

The themes of this polarity start to become noticeable in the days leading up to it and play out in the days following. Pisces is the sign of dreams, spirituality, sensitivity, faith, illusion, beliefs, fantasy, selflessness, and oneness. It is the direct connection to spiritual realms. While Virgo represents the real world and all of its details, Pisces wants to completely avoid all of that and would rather bathe in tranquility and imagination. Negatively, Piscean energy can also be about escapism through drugs, alcohol, or other behaviours and indulgences. It can also be deceptive, delusional, flakey, and self-sabotaging. Like Leo, Pisces can be very creative due to its high sensitivity to spiritual inspiration and psychic energies. This sign is about tapping into the needs of the collective unconscious, which can be helpful with all the strong Uranus (innovative) energy we are currently experiencing. However, this isn’t something that is usually done consciously and decisively, but instead through inspiration or psychic insights. Neptune is also aligned with this Full Moon and, as a sub-ruler of Pisces, it has all the same energies, which means all of themes mentioned above will be amplified. Some of the stuff coming up for you at this time could be related to the Pisces-Neptune themes (mentioned above) that you were reflecting on around mid-June of this year, or in some cases could perhaps even be connected to the Full Moon that occurred the weekend of July 8th. If it has to do with ways you are expressing the negative manifestations of Pisces-Neptune, then perhaps this Full Moon can be a great opportunity to shift or release from that. We integrate Pisces with Virgo by listening to our intuitions and trusting our imaginations in ways that make our lives more efficient and productive, heal and purify ourselves both spiritually and physically, or even when applying our creative, spiritual, or inspired efforts in a grounded, practical, and organized way. This Full Moon is also in a supportive aspect with Pluto in Capricorn, which can be helpful in empowering, and somewhat supporting, the Virgo side with a grounded focus.

The transformational qualities of Pluto can also manifest for some people when factoring in other astrological conditions at this time. Consider what has transpired in your life in the last month and start thinking about how you can integrate any of these developments or insights moving forward. Although this Piscean-Neptunian energy wasn’t a big part of the previous weeks leading up to this, perhaps there is some change, development, expression, or the need to release something associated with this sign and planet that could help you determine how to move forward based on what has transpired and developed for you. If you decide to use this energy to intentionally release something from your life, it is best to start that when the Moon starts to wane after the peak of the Full Moon, or even over the following two weeks.

The exact moment of the peak will be at 7:03am Universal Time. You can click here to see what that is in your time zone. — Looking for more insight and a better understanding on how this period is affecting you? Get a personalized astrology reading with Carmen (author of this article) specific to you based on your exact birth date, time, and location. Click here for more information or to order. You can also FOLLOW ME on Instagram for more astrology related content. .

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