Full Moon In Taurus: Finding Simplicity In The Midst Of Complexity

We will enter the Full Moon phase of the lunar cycle on November 4th at 5:23am Universal Time.For those in the Western hemisphere, it will appear fullest on the night of November 3rd.

. During Full Moons, we experience a push-pull between two opposite signs, with the Moon sign tending to exert greater force. In this case, the Moon is in Taurus and the Sun is in Scorpio. We have been in Scorpio season since October 23rd, with Mercury and Jupiter also in place, both of which have amplified Scorpio’s energies, which are deep, transformative, intense, sexual, investigative, revealing, suspicious, mysterious, and sometimes fearful. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, learning, growth, faith, belief, and truth, is helping to highlight the positive aspects of Scorpio energies. This could be an easier time to overcome fears, our perspectives can be enriched by profound discoveries, or we can grow in our understanding and expression of sexual intimacy and bonding.

These are just some examples, but there are lots of other ways these energies are playing out as well.

The Full Moon occurring in the opposite sign of Taurus brings its energies to the mix, and they can work harmoniously with or oppose one another.

The Moon is “exalted” in here, expressing itself with emotional stability and personal fulfillment. It can bring themes of comfort, sensuality, beauty, material pleasures, practicality, and peacefulness. It is about personal values and resources, while Scorpio is about shared values and resources. Taurus, on the other hand, seeks simplicity over complexity. This Full Moon is in a harmonious sextile with Neptune in Pisces, a combination that can flavour this period with serenity, spirituality, creativity, and flow. It contributes to both the easygoing nature of Taurus and also the mysterious side of Scorpio. Pluto in a wide trine with this Full Moon can be empowering, and can also accentuate some of the Scorpio themes.

These aspects help to ease any potential challenges that can arise during Full Moons. Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is in Libra while in a tight opposition with Uranus. This is touching on some of the themes shown in the previous New Moon. Uranus could bring changes, surprises, disruptions, insights, excitement, and in some cases, losses in our relationships. Other Venus-ruled areas such as aesthetics, money, pleasures, creativity, and social life may also experience these energies in some way. However, the potential of any challenging manifestations of this opposition is minimized by the harmonious aspects of the Full Moon itself. Saturn has been in a trine (by sign) with Uranus for almost three years and will continue over the next three years as they both transition into the next signs. However, since last December and through until later this month, this aspect has been exact/direct and therefore amping up its energy. Uranus in Aries can bring innovations, breakthroughs, renovations, independence, technological upgrades, and personal freedom to Saturnian themes of career, structure, commitments, and efforts. In Sagittarius, this may relate to learning, marketing, publishing, teaching, travelling, or anything involving national or international pursuits and interests. Saturn has also been in a tough square with Chiron during this same period with Uranus still involved through a minor aspect. This energy may have brought a restrictive, realistic, or perhaps even disciplinary and constructive energy toward dealing with any blockages, wounds, or negative patterns preventing us from expressing ourselves at a higher potential.

These could be minor for some people and deeply rooted for others. If deeply rooted, Jupiter in Scorpio can help to empower and transform some of the things holding us back and Uranus in a semi-sextile to Chiron can provide a liberating effect. What are your personal values and how much of them are being supported in your relationships? What can you do to bring more zen into your personal life or home to help offset the intensity and complexity of the external world? What opportunities, modalities, or applications have presented themselves to help you move beyond your personal blockages, wounds, emotional patterns, or attachments? What upgrades can you be making to your work, responsibilities, and structures? These are just a few examples of things to consider during this period. Full Moons and the waning period following them can be a good time to initiate any sort of intentional releasing. If you wish to use this period in this way, the best time to do so is anytime after the exact time of the Full Moon, when it starts to wane. This Full Moon will be occurring at 5:23am Universal Time on November 4th, and you can click here to find out when that is in your time zone. — Looking for more insight on how this period is affecting you? Or perhaps looking to better understand your life and its potentials? Get a personalized astrology reading with Carmen (author of this article) specific to you based on your exact birth date, time, and location. Click here for more information or to order. You can also follow me on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, and YOUTUBE for more astrology related content. .

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