Funeral Directer speaks about the inflated number of Covid deaths
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Funeral Directer speaks about the inflated number of Covid deaths

Funeral Directer John O'Looney chilling interview where he speaks out about the death rate during the covid pandemic and the current rise of vaccine related deaths
Funeral Directer speaks about the inflated number of Covid deaths

More and more people are rising the voice against the narrative told about the Covid pandemic by official Health agencies mainstream media outlets and Governments along the world.

This time, a hair-rising interview where Funeral Directer John O'Looney, explains his experience during the early days during the "peak" of the pandemic. Among other things, O'Looney explains how, during an interview, he was told to dress up and simulate a critical situation in a hospital where he was doing his duty.

As a Funeral Directer, O'Looney had direct contact with families, doctors, hospitals, and was able to access field information thanks to his words. He explains how there were thousands of deaths, under common conditions, recorded with the final cause of death to be sars-covid-2 infection, while there was no relation at all with the virus as he explains in the interview.

Another good point to note from O'Looneys interview is that the actual volume of deaths during the so called Covid crisis wasn't really a higher volume of deaths, compared to other years, instead, as the Government started the vaccinnation program, the actual number of deaths started to grow. This is absolutely the opposite version of the story that we have been "officially" told. How can it be that the scary death rising numbers shown by many Governments are faked? Is it possible that every Funeral director all over the world has had similiar experience as John?

The list of lies already stated as "lies" echoed by the mainstream media and sourced by the Government is too long. How many lies do you have to hear from a TV, Website or Newspaper to actually stop listening to or reading it?

This interview is just another document that must be shared as much as possible as many other information you could find in the Health or the Censorship sections of this site. We make an effort to grab most of the articles we find with actual information about what's going on with Covid-19 "pandemic" which is not and probably wont be shared by most of the main news websites or news media outlets out there.

Our most prominent impression about the current stage of this madness, is that the virus variants game, the vaccination efficacy and safety hoax and other distractions are there to cover the "hidden" (aside) agenda based on increasing AI based survelliance, together with investments in companies that develop this kind of technologies, the unleash of the highly cancerogenic 5G networking technology currently being deployed in our cities. You can read more on 5G safety in this article we wrote some time ago.