Galaxy Collisions: What Will Ours Look Like?
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Galaxy Collisions: What Will Ours Look Like?

This fantastic video, although a simulation, in some way makes us think about all the movement and change we are going through.
Galaxy Collisions: What Will Ours Look Like?

More and more people are experiencing ‘awakenings’ as the days go by, and as a society we are facing many whirlwind situations that are triggering a large global shift in consciousness. And maybe it’s all part of something bigger -maybe dramatic changes are only a part of the natural flow of the Cosmos, and we as children of this earth, naturally go through the same thing. In the end, as shown in this video, change ultimately leads to growth. Although ‘time’ is a tricky issue – modern science suggesting that time in itself doesn’t exist, and the relationship between space-time is even more difficult to grasp -for the sake of this article, we can judge time as something that correlates with ‘evolution.’ Our galaxy is in constant evolution, and millions of years from now it will morph and evolve into a much bigger galaxy. Along the way, it may lose some stars, but that’s just a part of the constant expansion of our Universe. Perhaps we can take this as a lesson. What may seem as chaos now, will naturally flow into its own order in the future. As we awaken to the truth, we may lose certain friends, or we may lose our interest in everyday things -such as politics or TV shows. We might find we disagree with things we used to accept. We might find ourselves changing. Accept this change -because it is part of the natural flow of life. If you resist it, it will become harder for you. And don’t live in the fear of change, the fear of new experiences, feelings, or ‘understandings’ about reality.

The fear of what other people may think of you, if you suddenly ‘change.’ Just remember, you have to actually move forward if you want to take a step higher. Change is a natural consequence of existence. Whether or not if you are a human being, a star, a galaxy, or a Universe (if you believe in the Multiverse). Change is the product of evolution. Where would we be today if we hadn’t evolved? Still experimenting with sticks to make fire and stones to make wheels, perhaps. Just something to think about. .

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