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Health Related News: Influenza-like illness, including covid, in the UK is the lowest we’ve seen in years

Health Related News: Influenza-like illness, including covid, in the UK is the lowest we’ve seen in years

A virus very similar to SARS-CoV-2 was in Ralph Baric’s freezer at the University of North Carolina in 2018.

SARS-CoV-2 is not a “deadly” virus.  The same cannot be said for covid “vaccines.”  As a study published in the Lancet confirmed, unvaccinated people have less severe covid outcomes than vaccinated people. This is the same for some vaccines for other diseases which researchers have found may increase the risk of infections.

Despite the headlines in corporate media, influenza-like illness, including covid, in the UK is the lowest we’ve seen in years.  This hasn’t stopped the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) from calling for a pandemic treaty to control an outbreak of an unknown pathogen called “Disease X,” which does not exist.  It is for reasons such as this that the United Nations agency, WHO, has secretive undemocratic “voting” processes.

Moving onto other health-related issues; brain and central nervous system parasitic infections are more common than we think. 

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Below are brief descriptions of a collection of articles from recent days.  To read the full article click on the section title.

SARS2 was in a UNC freezer back in 2018

In 2018, Dr Ralph Baric had “already generated SARS-like chimaeras…of bat viruses…which are 20% different than epidemic strains.”

SARS2 was 22% different than epidemic strains. To put it bluntly, a bat virus ~2% different from SARS2 was in a University of North Carolina (“UNC”) freezer, in early 2018. The parameter was always on Baric’s mind starting in 2015.

To put Baric’s freezer in perspective, the nearest known sample to SARS2 was RaTG13 at 4% different. But Baric had a bat virus called “293” and “HK3” that was even closer!

In 2018, Baric bragged about “several” bat samples “with pandemic potential” stored in his UNC at Chapel Hill freezer. Two of those 2018 viruses were called “293” and “HK3.”

In a joint 2020 presentation with Tony Fauci, Baric referred to his 25% bookend for preventing future pandemics, but both neglected to mention the potential involvement in creating this current pandemic.

Lancet study confirms unvaccinated have less severe covid-19 outcomes than under-vaccinated individuals

Read the papers on Tuesday and you would be fooled into thinking that the Covid vaccines saved countless lives and not administrating enough vaccines caused excess deaths.

Corporate media was reporting a study that was published in the Lancet titled ‘Under-vaccination and severe COVID-19 outcome: meta-analysis of national cohort studies in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales’.

Setting aside the mathematical modelling factor, which more often than not is less accurate than reading tea leaves, I’m sure you have already spotted the biggest error – the study lumps together everyone who hasn’t had an optimal number of vaccines. This means the unvaccinated are in the same group as people who have had 1, 2 or even 3 doses.

Influenza-like illnesses are the lowest in years

Despite the headlines in corporate media and government ministers blaming the usual flu and covid words for excess mortality (as well as statin starvation), the levels of consultations and isolations for influenza-like illness in the UK are the lowest we have seen in a few years.

According to the latest Surveillance report for week 2 – 7 January to 14 January 2024 – influenza positivity increased slightly to 10.0% while SARS-CoV-2, RSV,  Human metapneumovirus and Rhinovirus positivity decreased. Also, Emergency department attendance for ILI fell nationally. 

For now, keep ignoring the headlines.

Some vaccine types linked to increased risk of other infections

Researchers found that vaccines that do not contain a live or weakened pathogen, while effective against the targeted infection, may also raise the risk of non-targeted infections, particularly in girls.

Nine studies report HIV tests are turning positive after covid-19 vaccination and infection

Dr. Peter McCullough raised eyebrows when he reported that nine studies now confirm that HIV tests are turning positive after covid-19 “vaccination” and the virus itself. He clarified that the HIV virus isn’t there, indicating a false positive, but the big concern is immunodeficiency.

Giving mRNA covid vaccines to pregnant rats caused brain changes and autism-like behaviour in their young, a new study shows

The babies of pregnant rats given Pfizer’s mRNA Covid shot had sharply lower levels of a protein crucial for learning and memory, Turkish researchers have reported.

The male rat offspring also displayed behaviours that correlate to autism in humans, including reduced sociability and repetitive behaviours.

The peer-reviewed journal Neurochemical Research published the findings from the four researchers at a medical university in Istanbul. This study raises even more questions about whether pregnant women should receive mRNA covid injections, an issue that has been controversial for three years.

Ask Why 429 Moms Died

“US maternal deaths are on a worrisome trajectory,” the American Medical Association declared after news that pregnancy-related deaths soared 40 per cent in 2021 to levels unseen since 1965.

Researchers analysed the data in the CDC’s 2021 maternal mortality report, assisted by a programmer and an actuary, and found a disturbing trend. 

Why the covid-19 mRNA injections MUST be stopped

Tucker Carlson interviewed Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo and played a clip in which Dr. Ladapo described the mRNA cationic nanoparticle technology as “anti-Christ technology.”

Could foreign DNA enter your cells through the mRNA covid injection and change your DNA – and humanity itself – forever?

“Absolutely that could happen,” says Dr. Ladapo.

The covid-19 mRNA “vaccines” were developed and deployed on the global population to contaminate the human genome

The covid-19 mRNA nanoparticle “vaccines” were developed and deployed on the global population to contaminate the human genome – period. In other words, the mRNA nanoparticle injections introduce non-human DNA into the cells throughout the bodies of formerly healthy adults, children, and babies. These artificially induced genetic changes may be passed on to future generations.

Human brain parasites: Don’t look away

Brain and central nervous system (“CNS”) parasitic infections are more common than we think.  Close to 3 billion people worldwide are thought to be infected by Toxoplasma gondii alone.

Many parasites can infect the brain and the CNS, some are not easy to diagnose. There is most certainly no “one size fits all” cure, and the epidemic of dementia and neurological issues is likely in part a result of undiagnosed infections in the CNS and the brain (bacterial, fungal, parasitic, etc.).

Nicola Sturgeon deleted all pandemic WhatsApp messages, Covid Inquiry told

The Covid Inquiry has heard Nicola Sturgeon and her deputy deleted all of their pandemic WhatsApp messages. The inquiry was told that Ms Sturgeon, the former first minister, had “retained no messages whatsoever” over the pandemic while John Swinney, her deputy, used an “auto-delete function.”

Tedros tells the World Economic Forum the who pandemic treaty is needed to combat “Disease X”

WHO’s Pandemic Treaty or Pandemic Accord outlines proposals for increased surveillance, vaccine passports, and monitoring “misinformation.”

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has publicly advocated for a global pandemic treaty that has major implications surrounding speech, surveillance, and digital vaccine passports.

He emphasised the importance of international cooperation during a speech at the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) in Davos, pointing out the potential obstacles posed by an overemphasis on national interests.

How the WHO’s rules embedded secret, undemocratic “voting” (or not) for a moment such as this

When the delegates don’t want their constituents to know how they voted on a controversial matter, such as handing the sovereignty of their nation over to the WHO, they can simply decide to hold a secret ballot. The decision to hold a secret ballot may not be recorded or held by roll call.

It gets better. The ballots are moved into another room to be counted.

This is how it works at the agency that wants to control your medical care, what you are allowed to see, and manage pandemic “prevention” for the world by collecting, creating and housing more deadly pathogens. They would be happy to invoke One Health to manage the entire world – if you let them.

Featured image: What is Disease X? How scientists are preparing for the next pandemic, The Detroit News

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