Heartwarming Illustrations Showing The Love Between Dads & Their Little Girls

Few things compare to the support of a loving family.

Unfortunately, we live in a time when divorce and separation have never been more prevalent, with approximately 40-50% of marriages in the United States ending in divorce. (source) Being a child to separated parents myself, I understand the hardship that accompanies such familial divisions. Even though at my current age I am happy that parents had the courage to part ways, it certainly took a toll on me when it was happening, particularly during my teenage years, and it continues to impact who I am both in and out of my own relationships. However, one thing that I am extremely grateful for is the fact that I have been able to maintain a strong relationship with each of my parents — something that I feel these Instagram images by soosh perfectly reflect in a world where separation seems to be so prevalent.

These illustrations showcase some powerfully heartwarming moments between a loving father and his daughter. Even though I’m yet to be a father and certainly never will be a daughter, these images still speak to me of the importance of building strong relationships with our children, regardless of whether or not we have a partner until death do us part. Here are some of the images featured, but be sure to check out the rest of soosh’s work through her Instagram. (Warning: some of the illustrations on her Instagram feature nudity.) • hoola hoop • i told her it wouldn’t work... she said: “papa, please!” little bug is still giggling! – Soosh • stay by me • sometimes she falls asleep holding on to my hand, i don’t remove it. those nights my back hurts but my heart is blooming – Soosh • big moose. little moose • innocence is such a dear, fragile and powerful gift a soul has since rebirth. it’s so easy to loose, it seems impossible to regain. protect it – in your soul but, before all, in a child’s soul. – Soosh • hm... • . – Soosh baggage overweight • she doesn’t handle it well when i go away on a business trip.. i don’t handle it well either.. – Soosh • she loves puppet theater • – Soosh • tea time, dada • no matter how busy i am, i can always enjoy a nice cup of magical rainbow tea – Soosh • bed. king size •when kiddo comes to sleep by me, that’s how it looks and feels like – Soosh • taking washing day seriously • – Soosh • afternoon nap • – Soosh • sleep, my little one. i am here • under-the-bed monsters no pasaran! – Soosh • walking high above the world• – Soosh • daddy’s girl • i admire strength only when it shows itself through tenderness and care. – Soosh I’m not sure whether the artist’s intentions align with what I personally derived from his illustrations, but that is the beauty of art. It speaks to all of us in different ways, reflecting our own experiences back at us while also communicating something new. How did these images speak to you? Whether you are a father, daughter, or neither, let me know your thoughts on these images via the comment section below. .

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