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How A Mirror Can Help You Realize Something Very Important About Yourself

Thought provoking theories are what I am drawn towards, and we are in a period of existence where many thought provoking theories are gaining more and more recognition as being true.

How A Mirror Can Help You Realize Something Very Important About Yourself

Science has always been behind, because science needs proof, yet this is the exact reason why science is always behind. Consciousness is and always will come before science! We all have probably heard that saying: “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being SELF-EVIDENT.” Self evident is capitalized because this is the most important factor, one must go through the personal experience to know this quote to be true. Looking back into our history (everything is HERE and NOW, so I speak in linear terms) it was once thought that the Earth was flat, many people opposed this theory and many people lost their lives because they wouldn’t agree with the masses that the Earth was flat.

The fact of the matter is the idea or conscious thought that the Earth was round or a sphere came way before it was proven to be truth. This is just one theory that was first ridiculed, then violently opposed and then taken on as truth. We are in a very rapid evolution with many new ideas and theories coming out daily. A theory that I have been fascinated with exploring and I have applied to my own life with great success is the MIRROR concept theory. Physical reality is just a state of your consciousness, you are happening to life, life is not happening to you. You are experiencing yourself from a certain perspective, you have a choice at any moment to change your perspective and to change who you are and what you can and will experience in this lifetime. It is physically impossible to change ANYONE OTHER THAN YOURSELF. Here is an analogy, go to a mirror and stand in front of the mirror with a neutral expression, no smile and no frown. If you decide to change your neutral expression to a smile, will you reach over to the mirror and manipulate your reflection to a smile? Absolutely not, it is impossible. You have to physically smile from within and your reflection will change in the mirror. Really think about this analogy, this is exactly how physical reality works! Only your Ego can keep you from understanding this and only your Ego will have you continue to try and manipulate your reality. Here we are in 2014 and there is so much happening in our world, so much change is occurring all around the world! I read many articles here on Collective Evolution and I read peoples comments to help me gauge where the Collective Consciousness and where individual consciousness of people are at. I notice so many people tell the authors of articles -or get in to arguments with other commenters -that their perspective is wrong or even stupid. Next time you make a JUDGEMENT on anyone or anything go to a mirror and look at yourself, because you are only making a comment about yourself. If you can grasp and wrap your mind around what I am saying, you may just have an epiphany, the lightbulb just may click on. Once again physical reality is just a REFLECTION OF YOU and your state of consciousness. When you are telling others they are wrong or verbally attacking or passing judgement on them, you are having an argument within your own Ego. By all means you are allowed to disagree with something that doesn’t resonate with in you, yet anyone that truly is seeking to understand who they are as a being doesn’t need to put down or judge others, for they understand life is a personal journey and all of us are exploring our own realities and carving a path all on our own. When you are worried about what others are thinking and doing, you are not focusing and creating your own reality. Reacting to someone or something is coming from a place known as your Ego. Are you someone that likes to speak your mind and tell “other” people they are wrong or don’t know what they are talking about? Once again, go to or pull out that mirror and look in it! I can speak from personal experience as I was once this person, until I really started to look within myself and at who I really am as a being. If you think of yourself as just a human being that is going through the emotions of life, you will not understand who you truly are. You are a powerful being that is creating your experience with every thought, with every action and with every belief you have! You are having a personal experience in this life, however you are also a part of the overall Collective Consciousness of the world. Once you decide to change from within, you actually help shift the Collective Consciousness of the world, yes you are this powerful! Anyone who truly wants to change the world can only do it by changing yourself from within because once again physical reality is only a reflection of YOU! There is NO OUT THERE, there is only within. When you change from within, something magical happens, your perception of reality completely changes and you see everything in a way that you never have before, you simply evolve in consciousness. Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” Ghandi understood change occurs first within and he also understood that Love created the biggest movement and has the biggest effect on bringing large scale change, because Love is something we all have within us. Love is the very essence that we all are.

The Ego suppresses the love we truly are because many people perceive Love to be weak, yet it is the most powerful emotion to bring change within ourselves. When one discovers the love that they truly are and live their live through the eyes of love and more importantly Unconditional Love, you have just shifted the collective consciousness and in that sense you literally just changed the world! .

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