How Creating Structure Is A Rebellious Act & Generates Prosperity: A Path to Freedom

I was one of those kids who did what I was told, when I was told to do it: Rules were meant to be followed..

Then puberty hit. I still turned in my assignments at school, but I started intellectually challenging my teachers. I wore a big metal “REBEL” belt buckle in my purple 501s, utilized the local tattoo studio, dated a man twice my age, and spent two summers in German language schools where I learned the art of tying sheets and climbing out windows! At 18 I moved from London to Boston: Ahh... the taste of freedom. Eating and sleeping whenever I wanted. Back in London, I continued to follow my own rhythms, completing an undergraduate degree in psychology, a PhD in cognitive psychology and neuroscience, marrying, and then immigrating to the USA at twenty-five. Academia is a good profession for someone who values freedom — both time and intellectual freedom. I’d found the holy grail: freedom and doing something valuable for the world. We moved, again. I left academia (disenchantment with the politics) and I trained as a yoga teacher, then a yoga educator (using yoga and meditation with teachers and children with special needs). My theme continued: freedom — my choice — who, when, what to teach! Then my two-year-old son was diagnosed with cancer. I officially lost control. Lumbar punctures, surgery to insert a medi-port into his jugular for the chemotherapy, hair loss (“mama there are spiders in my mouth” – clumps of hair would fall out when he slept), screaming with the pain of urinating chemotherapy drugs, sores, rages brought on by the steroids. Managing his scared four-year old brother’s reactions. Cancer isn’t pretty. Pediatric cancer is another whole level of nasty. He survived (now a thriving 11-year-old), but the stress from it did not dissipate. And it was exacerbated by my then-husband’s struggle to get tenure, and the addition of our third child – a delicious little girl. I was suffering. I went to the allopathic doctors with insomnia, food allergies, weight fluctuations, anxiety.

They said drugs and tests.

The rebel in me was re-ignited. I refused to have what I believed were environmentally-triggered symptoms pacified by medicines. I did not think I was inherently unwell, and I did not want to start becoming medicated. I found Ayurveda — the sister science of yoga, literally the science of life — Ayus (science) Veda (life) and started implementing some of the rituals for my doshas (constitution) and their imbalances (as a result of environment: psychological, emotional, physical, seasonal). It worked. So I got certified. And, I realized the irony: The freedom I had chased my whole life was available to me by creating structure and rituals in my life. But, before I continue, let me introduce myself: I am Tamsin Astor, your Chief Habit Scientist. I help busy people organize themselves so they have time for what they need and want and time for fun. I help you create freedom by creating structures and routines around your self-care. This then makes time for you to zone in on the roles you play in your life — employee, employer, parent, partner, spouse, friend, daughter, son. When we have more time, more freedom in our mind’s space, we can see where we are not cultivating prosperity in our lives — which parts of our lives need some attention. Prosperity is freaking key for success. This is why I decided to expand this conversation, creating a *FREE* online training, The Daily Rituals of Prosperous People. I have gathered over 20 of the top mind, body, spirit, and lifestyle coaches and consultants, mindset experts, yogis, plant-based diet experts, best-selling authors, and doctors, and we are all sharing some of our best content with you, for FREE. I interviewed the founder of Collective Evolution for this series as well, so be sure to check out his episode to learn more! We’re letting you in on how we created more time, energy, and enthusiasm for ourselves and our clients by cultivating the regular rituals to generate prosperity in all aspects of life and biz (and also sharing our biggest mistakes!) So if you want to learn how to: Then.... join me for this free virtual training: The Daily Rituals of Prosperous People: The Best Tools to Provide Time Energy Enthusiasm for Your Life Business Tamsin helps busy professionals organize themselves so they have time for what they need want, and time for fun. She is your Chief Habit Scientist, wrangling your habits around sleep, exercise eating through a lens of mindfulness relationship management. She draw skills from her extensive training (PhD, RYT500, Certified Living Ayurveda, Certified Executive Coach and Certified Yoga Health Coach) and background (research, teaching, parenting a child with cancer, a child with ADHD, coaching) to guide clients through change related to their careers, relationships, physical health, and emotional health. HOME .

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