How Root Canals Can Severely Affect Your Health
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How Root Canals Can Severely Affect Your Health

When you hear the term ‘root canal’ the majority of us automatically resort to thoughts of the pain that we have either directly experienced or vicariously heard to be associated with the procedure.
How Root Canals Can Severely Affect Your Health

In the United States alone, over 25 million root canals are performed annually and as a result are seen as a common practice and safe technique to overcome certain dental issues. However, suppressed research dating as far back as the 1920’s shows that root canals may not be as safe as we are led to believe, and that they can in fact be detrimental to our health. Here is an incredibly informative video that Dr. Mercola has put together to fully summarize the issue. Having never received the procedure myself, but knowing several family members and loved ones that have had multiple root canals performed on their teeth, the information presented in this video was more than eye-opening. Here are a couple of key parts that really stood out for me: Mouth/ Teeth Health Is Integral To The Total Health Of Your Body Not surprisingly, this video was not the first time that I had heard about the importance of oral health in relation to the overall health of your body. A body talk practitioner that I recently visited referred to our teeth as the electrical panel of the body, with each individual tooth holding an “electrical” connection to a different area of your body. As a result, any difficulties being experienced in that area of your body would also make themselves known in your teeth, and vice versa. That being the case, it becomes increasingly important that we fully inform ourselves of any and all procedures we plan to do on our teeth before we choose to carry them out.

The Role That Our Diet Plays Whether you’ve had a cavity or not, we have all heard on countless occasions how sugar causes cavities. As Dr. Mercola points out in the video, the effects of sugars and processed foods go even further than the simple cavity, and even the seemingly simple cavity can become something a lot more severe. It’s therefore incredibly important that we truly watch what we eat. Regularly choosing what is readily available (such as fast foods) may save you time in the short run, but can cause some serious issues that will cost you more than time in the long run. Information Suppression The topic of information suppression is brought up quite regularly in the context of several articles that we have written and shared on this website. It therefore came as no surprise to hear Dr. Mercola bring it up when talking about the incredible work done by Dr. Price in regards to the dangers of root canals. With over 25 million root canals performed annually in the United States alone there is definitely a vested interest in their continued practice (and potentially even a vested interest in the side effects that Dr. Price’s work showed them to cause).

The fact that the American Dental Association (ADA) not only denies his work, but also goes ahead to make claims in opposition to it, without any proper proof/ support is definitely suppression and manipulation at its best.

The Importance Of A Strong Immune System We all know that a strong immune system is integral in both combating and preventing illness and disease.

The fact that it plays such an integral role in how well we cope with the inevitable dangers associated with root canals makes it even more fundamental. Whether you have had a root canal or not, let this video serve a reminder to take care of your immune system. Ensure you are receiving all of the necessary vitamins and minerals daily to give your immune system everything it needs to combat everything as effectively as it possibly can.

The Alternatives As Dr. Mercola points out in the latter portion of the video there are alternatives, both for taking care of existing root canal work and also in replacement of any potential work down the road. As seemingly unpleasant, expensive or unrealistic as some of these alternatives may seem, they are definitely worth becoming fully informed about. In the end an inconvenient or expensive partial, bridge or implant will pay off health wise (assuming it is determined to be the best alternative in your particular situation). Please be sure to share this important information regarding root canals with your networks. Let’s give everyone the opportunity to become fully informed on the procedure that so many of us blindly trust. Source: Mercola – .

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