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How social and media cues induce live streaming impulse buying? SOR model perspective

Live streaming is revolutionizing the landscape of e-commerce, creating new opportunities for platforms and e-tailers to improve their performance.

How social and media cues induce live streaming impulse buying? SOR model perspective

However, little is known ahout the underlying mechanisms that shape consumer behavior in this burgeoning business phenomenon. This study aims to shed light on the relationships between environmental cues generated by live streaming and online impulse buying. Drawing upon the Stimulus-Organism-Response framework, a comprehensive model was formulated to explore how social cues (streamer interaction, peer interaction) and media cues (vividness, realness) impact pleasure, arousal, perceived uncertainty, and subsequently induce consumers’ urge to buy impulsively.

The model was tested by survey data from 403 consumers. SPSS and PLS are employed to verify the model.

The findings revealed that realness and streamer interaction can reduce perceived uncertainty and foster a pleasant consumer experience, while vividness and peer interaction serve to awaken and delight consumers. Pleasure, arousal, and perceived uncertainty mediate antecedent variables’ effects on urge to buy impulsively in a parallel and reverse way, and emotions exert a more powerful influence. This study enriched the research on the influence mechanisms of impulse buying driven by live streaming and provided suggestions for platforms and streamers to optimize product display and guide interaction, which is conducive to leveraging the advantages of live streaming and creating greater commercial value.

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