How To Explain Your Spirituality To Others

Developing a deeper connection to myself and discovering the beauty in spirituality has greatly impacted my life.

Since becoming more in touch with my Inner Self, I’ve attracted so many incredible people into my life that have similar interests in spirituality as me. When it comes to those who don’t hold the same beliefs as I do, I often find myself at a crossroads: Should I share my spiritual beliefs or do I keep them to myself? Here are some things to consider when explaining your spirituality to others. It is crucial to understand that not all people are ready for knowledge at the same time. If you decide to share your beliefs with someone who is not ready to hear them, your words will be falling on deaf ears.

The only knowledge that truly matters is the knowledge we choose to integrate. You can explain a concept or theory to someone a thousand times, but until they decide to integrate it into their life, they won’t benefit from understanding it. For example, when I first watched the documentary Cowspiracy, I felt that everyone needed to watch it and recommended it to many of my friends. I knew converting to a plant-based diet benefited my life immensely, from deepening my connection to my inner Self to improving my health. I strongly believed Cowspiracy could help more people transition to a vegan diet, so I promoted it constantly. Time and time again my friends would watch it and then continue to eat meat afterwards. This could mean they weren’t prepared to integrate that knowledge or perhaps a plant-based diet wouldn’t have benefited them in the same ways it benefited me. That doesn’t mean I was wrong to recommend it; however, choosing to share my passion with them probably served me more than it did them. I’m not saying you shouldn’t share your opinions, nor am I insinuating you shouldn’t stand up for what you believe is right. If you intuitively feel that someone is ready to hear what you have to say, then you should share your beliefs with him or her! Plus, each time you make a decision to explain your spirituality to someone, that is always the right decision.

The universe doesn’t allow you to make any “wrong decisions.” If you feel uncomfortable sharing your thoughts, that could be an intuitive sign not to, but it may also indicate you’re uncomfortable expressing your beliefs. Spirituality is often considered a sensitive subject because people subscribe to so many different religions and belief systems. However, when you think about it, there’s nothing more natural than discussing our true origin! We are all enlightened beings; some of us simply forgot our true identities. If you’re talking about spirituality to someone who holds completely different beliefs than you, it can be easy for your ego to lead the conversation and start an argument. If you find yourself arguing about spirituality, take a step back to perceive the situation from a new light and understand that your friend is just on their own spiritual path. We are all reflections of one another and every experience has a lesson embedded within it, so what can you learn from this person? Recognize the beauty in duality and accept that whatever quality you dislike about another person is a quality you likely have within yourself. In situations like these, our egos will often scream, “You’re just more spiritual than that person!” However, thinking you’re more spiritually evolved than another person could indicate that you need to work on your own self-awareness. This mindset can create unnecessary separation and inequality, an illusion that doesn’t reflect your inner Divine presence. Keep in mind that there’s also no “one path toward enlightenment.” For example, I find modalities such as yoga, meditation, and veganism very useful in connecting to my Higher Self. However, that doesn’t mean these practices will aid others in the same way they helped me.

There is no rulebook when it comes to spirituality, so drop the idea of “right and wrong.” There is an apparent stigma surrounding spirituality in that it’s closely tied to religion. To me, spirituality refers to the pursuit to answer the existential question, “Who are we and how did we get here?” Religion offers a “set in stone” answer to this question, which doesn’t resonate with me whatsoever. People find comfort in religion because it offers an absolute truth, which can be less scary than admitting you know nothing about yourself and the universe. How can we claim to hold all of the answers surrounding the source of creation, when we don’t even understand what all has been created? I personally believe that my soul chose to enter this lifetime for a specific purpose, signing a contract outlining some of the more important details. However, I am still searching for answers, which is the beauty in spirituality.

The more you learn, the greater your thirst for knowledge becomes and the more you realize you know nothing.

The only absolute truth you really have is your true self, your inner Self, your Divine presence, your soul, God, or whatever you choose to call it. Odds are you haven’t always held the same beliefs or the same level of knowledge. When you’re trying to explain your spirituality to someone who doesn’t understand it, remember a time in your past when you didn’t consciously know what you know now either. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, but many people still believe their true identity is human. So, approach the conversation from a very human perspective. During your conversation, try thinking about this question: How can humans benefit from understanding their spirituality? Perhaps explain the benefits your spirituality has had on your life. Personally, I have experienced more compassion, happiness, inner peace, and kindness. I also don’t suppress my “negative” emotions as much as I used to, so if I feel fear or sadness, I really feel them so I can accept them and allow them to freely pass through me. My connections to my friends, family, and romantic partners have deepened and both my physical and mental health improved! My life has become more abundant and enjoyable because of my interest in spirituality. Even though it may seem like it, you don’t need to explain spirituality to others in order to help them. Focusing on your spirituality, loving your Self, and improving your connection to the Divine will raise your vibration, which will in turn raise the vibrations of those around you.

The spoken word isn’t the only tool available to you. Keep living your truth and soon you will find that the people around you are shifting too! .

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