How To Help Shift The Chaotic Energy That Was 2016

What I am going to say will resonate with some, cause conflict in others and for many, just seem like the ramblings of an idealistic fool; I apologize now for the overtly ‘hippy status’ which is quite frankly boring and self righteous. It is in fact the sort of thing that I myself scroll past on a daily basis. However I think every now and again we must all speak our true minds so that others out there will realize they’re not alone and that there is hope of greater unity and peace. 2016 has been a vicious and cruel year. I have lost much of what I loved, witnessed too many friends suffer and pass, and came close to losing my sight (I would like to add that I am only 30!). However, my own personal collapse has been orbiting a much larger, global tragedy. 2016 has, bit by bit, broken hearts and taken what we love and created division and conflict on a scale I thought only possible in history books. But this all has a side to it that helps us immensely. Look at Brexit and Trump: both fuelled by confusion, anger, division and animosity, yet we still get drawn to such negativity as a solution. Yet at the same time, both these events were driven by a desire for something different, no more status quo.

The world has been a harsh place to all of us, but anger, hate, and division (as natural as those feelings may be) will not solve this problem. For those of us angry about Brexit, we must remember that those who voted to leave (yes I am frustrated and feel they were lied to) did so because of how the world was treating them. It was a reflex to being down trodden and mistreated (and yes I know that those truly responsible manipulated that to their will). But if we retaliate with frustration and anger, the divide will deepen and the opportunity for further manipulation will grow. This very method was repeated again with Trump. And so the conflict grows. Amongst this, 2016 has seen a huge surge of terrorist attacks, mass shootings, racial attacks and mounting tensions spilling over from the Middle East into proxy wars of the global super powers. But we must remember that terrorist attacks are designed to divide us. There are two schools of thought on this: 1) Terrorism from extremist Islam 2) False flag attacks to create fear. Truthfully, it doesn’t actually matter who or what caused an attack. It is our reaction to it that matters. If it is indeed terrorism, then that individual attack is not meant to win a war with the ‘West,’ but to fuel hatred in the West and create bigger division, thus allowing easier radicalization of those being shunned aside, leading to more and more attacks. If they are false flags, then the objective is to again create division and fear, for us to allow greater security measures to be made, for human rights to be sacrificed in order to ‘keep us safe’ and ultimately lead to further division, all fuelling this continuous internal conflict. But if we stand together, it does not matter who has caused this pain, for either initiators will lose. We’re currently witnessing the dreadful pains in Syria.

These are horrendous crimes, but war can never be the option.

The short term resolution will always leave one side scorned and plant a bitter seed that will one day flourish again into a bouquet of pain and blood shed. We must seek a peaceful solution, above our previous understanding of resolution. And please remember that horrific actions in the Middle East are not new. I by no means suggest that this should justify us to ignore them (far from it), but do not let the pain and suffering of others be used to manipulate you into believing that further death and destruction is the solution. I post this now (late at night) because by morning I will be embarrassed by my optimism in humanity and fear the ridicule I may receive for what many will deem as naivety . However, before I sign off, I would like to suggest we each attempt to produce a drop of kindness, so that collectively we may create an ocean of change. 1) Over the next three weeks, attempt to deliver three acts of kindness to neighbours or strangers. (Of course the poor and needy should be helped, but we must also help the average Joe. For they in turn will hopefully go on to help others, and so forth.) 2) Take a picture of one of your good deeds, then explain and share it, along with this status or something similar to it. (I suggest posting only one of your good deeds because this should not be about being self righteous, but simply promotion that will inspire others to do the same.) 3) Tag three friends that you feel you can hold accountable. I know we’re all sick to death with social media games like this. But the truth is, they work, so as cliché and tacky as it may feel, let’s try to see if we can make a difference. 2016 has been awful, but let us do what humanity does best: cling to hope and strive to make it better. P.S. 1. I will give my elderly neighbours a ‘2 hour of my time’ voucher to be used as they see fit. Tidy the attic, clean the house, clear the gutters, etc. 2. Take the homeless man who sits outside the local supermarket to buy a ‘weekly’ food shop for his family. 3. As it’s Christmas, I am going to send a secret Santa gift to one of my FB friends that I ‘know’ (but not that well), who is a good person, struggling with tough situations. .

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