How To Love Yourself Inside And Out

Your Body is this complex thing that houses your brain, occasionally falls ill, and tells you yes when the mind tells you no..

The body is an ocean of consciousness, in sync with infinite time. Just like the oceans on Earth, your body is full of life, beauty, and wonder.

The first step in loving yourself is to practice loving your body. 1. Be beautiful, confident, and grounded everywhere you go. Embrace your genes. Straighten your spine, open your chest, and stand tall in your skin. Focus on the core of your being. Eat whole foods and eat them slow. Drink plenty of water. 2. Do it for yourself. Move in the direction that feels right to you. Pursue a career that interests, inspires, and fulfills YOU. Fall in love with a person, a place, a thing, or all the above on your own terms, at your own will, and at your own pace. Take care of yourself first, then open your heart to the world. 3. Exercise. Because it doesn’t just look good, it FEELS good. Your body works for you all day long, sorting thoughts while you’re sleeping and beating blood through you while you wake. We ought to give back to the body – To work for it. Give yoga a try if you haven’t, take a Tai Chi class, kick-box, cycle, or lift. Basically, just move in whatever way works best for you. Recommended Reading: The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts Maybe you feel the sway of your inner ocean and you recognize the energy inside your body, but you are still searching for a tangible way to express this passion. Let your inner self engage with the outer world.

The next step in loving yourself starts when you identify your inner light and choose to let it shine. 1. Create all the time, anytime. Write, paint, draw, design, illustrate, brainstorm, blog, etc.

The world is your oyster. It is up to you to sculpt that shining and shimmering pearl. Get crafty and have fun. Take your bottled emotions down off the shelf and let them loose on a blank canvas. 2. Dance often. Dance with your lover, or with friends. Dance in your bedroom, or out on the town. Stop living in fear of judgment. Nobody knows what you’re really about (they don’t even know what they’re really about). Find your rhythm and groove to it. 3. Sing more. Sing in the shower, in the car, or into your pet’s ear. Sing from your gut and say each word as if the sound was laced with meaning. Speak up when you want. Shout if you dare. Share your opinions openly while accepting fully the perspectives of others. Be kind to your Mind. Once you find your inner voice and feel your inner ocean, remember them when you return to the head. Open your eye to the truth: you are a multi-dimensional being made of time traveling atoms. You are as infinite as the universes manifesting around and within you. Your mind deserves a life free of worry. 1. Laugh at the little things. A flower growing in a garden, with divine purity and symmetry, may seem a small wonder. But, if you look close enough, you will find it is the subtle details of a painting that make it a masterpiece, not the broad strokes. Remember to smile at the pieces of nature’s mastery sprinkled all around. 2. Let go or be dragged. Shadows from your past and visions of your future will forever drag you away from the now. Stay present! True love, ultimate peace, and genuine joy are only felt at the crossroads of time — when inner self connects to outer universe — when your consciousness is fully awake. Acupuncture can help to release energy blocking your being from this state. Be sure to get enough sleep. Meditation is a treasured practice to clear your head of those pesky thoughts that trickle in from elsewhere in time. 3. Know yourself and be true to yourself. Ask questions. Look up, down, and around for the answers. Study the person you are. Understand the way you move as a being to better comprehend the nature of the universe and your spiritual connection to it. After all, you are an island universe yourself. Connect Body, Soul, and Mind to fully discover your transcendental potential.

There is no stopping you. You are beautiful. You are powerful. You are loved. You are a Universe. .

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