How To Start Connecting With Your Highest Self
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How To Start Connecting With Your Highest Self

How To Start Connecting With Your Highest Self

There is a lot of talk in the self help/spiritual/self improvement circles about how to tune in and connect with your ‘highest self.’ Most of these ideas are centred around the idea that we must connect with our higher selves in order to become a ‘better person’ to have more to give, to have more to offer the world. I personally believe that connecting to your higher self is actually more about allowing you to live in a state of peace and harmony within yourself – which will then naturally allow you to offer more to the world. I believe that connecting with the most wise, liberated, loving portion that already exists within you is not about becoming better – because there is really no thing that must be ‘improved’ within you. It is simply a matter of returning to who you have always been, and releasing all those things that never had anything to do with you in the first place. Essentially, connecting with your ‘higher self’ is simply you remembering who you are. It is you returning to a state of flow, and exiting a state of resistance. You do not have to try to be a good, caring, genuine person. You are those things already. You just have to release the blocks that have been built up in your emotional/mental/energetic bodies that prevent you from being who you are.

These five steps are the easiest, quickest ways I’ve found to return you back to your center, back to your knowing, back to who you truly are and always have been –your highest self.

These steps may seem overly simplistic, but give them a try and see how magical they really are! The first thing I invite you to do when you want to move closer to being your highest self, is to simply make peace with where you currently are. Sit for a moment in silence and just allow yourself to arrive in this moment. Remove any expectation, even if it is just for a moment, and be. Feel the peace that comes with this allowing. Even if you only do this, and forget the rest of the steps, you have already shifted your state and raised your vibration. You have already made a step towards your highest self just by stopping the resistance to where you are. Pretty cool hey? The second step is to love yourself in this moment. This is most likely what I like to call a “pattern interrupt” for you. For most, when we feel ourselves not living up to our potential, not acting or thinking or speaking in alignment with our highest good, our knee jerk reaction is to beat ourselves up. You are most likely used to berating and abusing yourself. This self-punishment will never get you to a place where you are aligned with your highest good.

The reason? It lowers your vibration too much! When you are shaming, blaming and guilting yourself you are re-creating the exact environment that took you out of alignment with your highest self in the first place. By consciously choosing to love yourself where you are at in this moment you take another step up the vibrational scale, bringing yourself one step closer to your highest self.

The third step is to send love and compassion to your ‘negative’ behaviour/thought/belief. Like with step two, you are most likely in a habit of hating your negative behaviours – getting upset with yourself that you constantly run to food to numb your emotions, hating that you speak badly about people, judging your actions. If you can instead send love and compassion to your negative behaviour, you may notice that it is actually there with a positive intention. You may discover that your over eating is simply there to help you deal with your negative emotions in a way that makes you feel like you have some power and control. Perhaps this over eating is a protection mechanism that is helping you so that you don’t just drown in an emotion you don’t know how to deal with in this moment. By bringing your negative patterns into the light of love, you will see them for what they really are – and in that you will have the power to start transforming them into self-loving patterns. Next, speak to yourself the way you would speak to your most beloved friend if they came to you feeling or acting the way you are currently acting.

There is a good chance you are not going to tell them that they are dumb, stupid, selfish and awful or any of the other harsh things you most likely tell yourself. Meet yourself with understanding and compassion. Meet yourself with the words you wish someone would say to you as you are feeling the way you are feeling. Meet yourself with this love and see how it automatically lifts you. Finally, choose an activity that you know lifts your energy – lifts your vibration. Ask yourself “what would someone who loved themselves do right now?” and then do that! Understand that your highest self is the self that fully, totally and completely loves and accepts you and everyone else. So by engaging in something that aligns with what you would do if you loved yourself, you are aligning yourself with the behaviour that reflects your highest good. Your highest self. Choosing to act from a place of love, rather than a place of fear in this moment IS you living as your highest self. Remember, your highest self is already fully formed and fully active within you. You may just need to remember how to connect with this portion of yourself. Take some time to consider how little beating yourself up does for you, and to consider that acting in a loving and compassionate way towards yourself –especially when you are at your worst –may be the exact thing you need to do to connect you with your highest good. .

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