Humanity Is Waking Up
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Humanity Is Waking Up

Right now we are all resemble sheep.Following a uniform lifestyle that has already been cut out for us to follow.
Humanity Is Waking Up

. Can you imagine what would happen if many of us started to say no? Started to do something different? Something new? It doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in, what culture you come from, what belief system you hold or how much money you have, if you look around you can see.. something is happening right now on on this planet.. something is changing.. we are evolving consciously. We are beginning to see how we’ve been capped, how we’ve been limited and how we don’t have to experience this anymore. We are BIGGER than what our rulers have kept us enslaved to. In your heart you can feel it, you see it, you know it.. humanity WILL NOT continue on this path and w are waking up. Do something, stand up and let your heart desires come through. Stop finding all the reasons why we have to stay stuck in this reality. Stop letting fear and worry keep us locked up in our every day routine. Stop letting external factors have all the power over you. See the world for what it is, see the experience we are having and let your deep down desire to change it override the fear that’s holding you back. Question authority, question the root of your beliefs, question why all of this is happening and then do something about it. Change yourself and be what’s fighting to come out of you. We have given up our power to others for a long time, its time to take it back. .

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