I Dreamt I Had No Teeth! What’s Up With That & What It Means

I received an FB message first thing this morning from a woman who said she had had a particularly disturbing dream.

In this dream she was looking into the mirror and was shocked to see her front teeth were missing! There was just a big hole in her mouth and she was understandably upset.

The state of your teeth in your dreams represents how you are managing your energy and your life situation. Food in your dreams is the same as it is for our conscious life – it is the source of energy that helps us sustain life. Teeth, particularly front teeth, symbolize how we take a bite out of life. If you’re sporting a set of teeth that are oversized and wolf like, you may be taking an overly aggressive or defensive stance. Bearing one’s teeth like a baboon is a very primal sign that you are warning others that you will defend yourself. If your teeth are decayed this means that your grip on your present situation is deteriorating. Missing teeth altogether? Then you feel as though you have no bite, no say, no power in your life. You are most likely in a very tenuous situation that doesn’t allow you to feel as though you are in control of how you secure energy, much less consume and digest it. Basically your unconscious mind is giving you a big heads up that you are not being effective in your life. Your means of survival are slipping or missing. Think of an elderly person who has no teeth. Most of us internally wince to see gaps of missing teeth or the caved in cheeks of someone who has no teeth. We immediately recoil, viewing them as feeble and unhealthy and inevitably thinking forward to our own progress to this state. A person without teeth cannot chew their food and they have to eat soft food like a baby or make do by gumming their food.

They have declined into a state that lacks vitality and the capability to gain healthy energy through food. Dreams of rotting, falling out, or missing teeth mean that right now you are barely coping here in the here and now and you need to pay attention to your situation. If your dream is set in another time such as high school, your unconscious mind is processing the issues you had THEN with how you were handling or taking your “bite” out of life.

The unconscious mind is throwing this up for you to review so that you can choose to learn from that time and then release it. You may feel like, “Oh, yeah, wow, that was a bad time, but that’s over now.” Your unconscious mind is warning you that you need to wake up to the fact that something in your life is not in your control. You feel as though you are in a vulnerable position and unable to gain the energy and power you need to be healthy. This could be a reflection of a work situation, as when a manager blocks your efforts or access to proper means of accomplishing your work. It could be a family or relationship issue where you are feeling inept or overwhelmed, or your ability to thrive is being limited or blocked. Dreams in themselves are just communications from our unconscious mind about what it is processing at this time, or in the time frame that was shown to you in the dream. It is up to you to act on the information the dream is trying to tell you. By consulting with this woman, I found out she felt overwhelmed by life. She was going to school, had a full time job, and had just begun living with a love interest who was already displaying disturbing controlling behaviors. With the dream analysis she was no longer frightened by the dream she had about the missing front teeth. She was duly alarmed by the implications and yet consoled that the dream had revealed so much about her present situation. I found out later that day that she had already taken steps to correct her various dilemmas. This is why it is so important to understand the true meaning of your dreams. Had she just gone on with her day she would have been haunted by the feeling of being “toothless.” Once she understood what her unconscious mind was trying to tell her, she could then choose to act on that arena in life. Life is always about making choices, and when you understand those messages that are being given to you through your dreams, you are more in charge of those choices. If you are interested in your dreams you can read my Dream Analysis Handbook. If you have a perplexing dream you can’t seem to figure out, leave it in the comments section and I might make it the topic of another article on dreams. I also offer Skype and phone dream consultations and you can find out more information about that at http://www.healthretreats.info or email me for an appointment at kealanoel@yahoo.com. Aloha and sweet dreams Keala .

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